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2 Results of Research Should Know about Emotional Disturbance When Open Facebook Too Long in Internet

2 Results of Research Should Know about Emotional Disturbance When Open Facebook Too Long

The rapid advance of globalization led to the emergence of the existence of various forms of technology. Modern technology has we can feel a variety of effects, one example is the ease of access to remote communication at an affordable cost. Inconceivable if remote communication tool we still like the old, using the letter spacing shipping and delivery prices did little and causing delay the communication process. That's the benchmark for global human to change access communication becomes easier. The effort was not in vain, many communication media that is created as a phone, and social media make it easier for us to connect remotely.

One of the social media that really shines because almost everyone around the world are using Facebook. The site was founded in February 2004. Facebook also has various advantages or positive sides and some may cause little harm or negative side.

According to the results of research involving 1,300 respondents, the prolonged opening up vulnerable to emotional disturbances. For those of you like being in front of the screen up for hours, it may be necessary to know the results of the study in the journal Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking

The condition can also affect a few things. First, one will easily feel dissatisfied with the conditions of everyday faces. Especially since he often saw different things to 180 degrees with the environment. Furthermore, the researchers also revealed that someone Excessive use Facebook tend to have negative feelings when turned update status or latest photos on social networking.

Then, what's the solution? There are two things you can do if you are a person who falls into this category.

  1. You can make communication more actively with fellow Facebook users. Communication can be done by writing a comment or chat.
  2.  The researchers suggested that people stop using Facebook in full. This step can be done in the process of detoxification of the toxins that spread in cyberspace. Moreover, the impact is quite dangerous. And, it was directly conducted by one of the researchers who participated in the study. The result, he claimed to be happy and calm.

One recent study of the flow of calls if status updates are present on FB Home can represent the real emotional. This means that the Facebook posting said was due to their emotions. Like what?

Facebook social scientists from Cornell University and University of California-San Francisco to do a random sampling of 689 003 FB users. Then they focus on the positive and negative stories that were distributed to the News Feed.

Of the millions of posts they learned, found a total of 122 million words with a positive post details of 4 million and 1.8 million posts negative tone. Jeff Hancock of Cornell University communication professor said if the findings are no "emotional contagion".

"Users who find negative content in the Home for a week will use similar content in their status updates," he said.

Hancock continued, "emotional contagion" is in line with the negative contents they found in the News Feed. If reduced, then in their next status update will also write a more positive content.

Furthermore, Hancock explained that these emotions can even work in "both directions". This refers to the effect that when users behave on the "ground" or offline.