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eventsget privacy and policy statements


Privacy and policy

When you browse our page, your privacy becomes our concern and priority. As such, we offer no infringement on your privacy. This, in other words, construes that your data are well protected with us. The information we collect through cookies during your journey with us online is solely meant for our internal usage.

Key areas of our privacy policy:

  • We neither encourage nor allow any kind of infringement on your privacy.
  • We do not sell your data to the third party. Hence, you will be safe from the third party interference.
  • We use encryption technology for protecting your online identity thereby eradicate the possibilities of online data theft.
  • By using our site, you agree to our policy on cookies. When you browse through the pages of our site, we collect some information such as the iP address, browsing history, country and the region details for studying your user usage pattern. This helps us recommend you the bespoke pages. In short, our site uses cookies for enhancing the user experience.
  • Advertisers on our site may use cookies in sync with their business policies and we have no control over them. You can accept or decline to visit their page.
  • You can restrict permission to our cookies through the browser setting. It’s easy.
  • We collect the information that are necessary for identifying you online. For instance, we save your email address, phone number, and current address that you voluntarily share with us during the registration process. As a matter of fact, when you log in with us, we personalise your login area.
  • We do not save any data on children.
  • We accept third party advertisement on our page and also link up our site with search engines like Google and Bling. Simultaneously, we share content with media social sites such as the Facebook, Twitter, and others. They, in turn, increase traffic to our site and also popularise your event. These sites, however, have their own policies on using cookies. We have no control on them.
  • Our privacy policy will be subject to change as may be deemed fit from time to time with or without a prior intimation to you or as may be deemed fit by the law of the land.

Our privacy policy is just an outline of our commitment to our user community. We, however, don’t guarantee anything here.