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10 Worst Internet Scams; How We're Still Falling For in Internet

10 Worst Internet Scams; How We're Still Falling For

10 Worst Internet Scams; How We\'re Still Falling For

Most of the scammers target on psychological responses and that is why even the weirdest and the most stupid scam can persuade different people to act accordingly and the reason is that many people have different psychological orientations. When we are confronted with the given opportunity that is too good to be true – and we know it – but we still want to try it because a desire sparks in our minds what if the offer comes true. Given these scenarios, we must acknowledge that scammer is trapping us in the net of what we want most: it can be different things for different people, for instance, for few people it can be the opportunity to earn money online, and yet for others, it can be a perfect date.

The real thing is that the scammers play with your desires and your innermost feelings, and that is why despite being present on the internet for so many years, these scams still bully thousand of people on daily basis. In order to save yourself from these scams, you must know exactly how these scams work. For this reason, we have created a list of 10 worst internet scams people are still falling for

1. The Social Media Link scam

The social media link scam is the worst scam that has been active on social media for some time. This scam is very subtle, for instance, your friend shares a post regarding some celebrity with a half-naked image, and the post is also accompanied by a comment from the friend who posted it that “Guys you have to see it”. Your instantaneous response is that you click the link immediately because you are too curious. What happens next is that you are linked with a virus-ridden website, and this cycle of scam also appears on your timeline as well.

This scam works because people are too much curious to know what is happening on the social media. The best way to avoid such scams is to be very careful when clicking on any link. Almost all the nude and adult content lead to such scams.

2. The Caller ID Scam

The caller ID scam is that you get a call from someone who claims to be from a police department and ask for your personal details. You Google the number immediately and the number turns out to be the local police department. You give all your personal information immediately: the scammers have fooled you.

This scam works because nobody wants to mess up with police. You should never give your personal information no matter who is calling you.

3. The Scam bank Account link

You get an email from your bank which says that your account has been compromised and in order to get your account back, click on the following link to change your password. Since the email is from your bank, you immediately click the link and change the password, and nothing happens.

You must know that no bank sends this type of emails to its customers, and if you get one, you should know immediately that it’s a scam.

4. Online Girlfriend

You make a new girlfriend online who is very cute and you love her. You want to meet her and so does she, but unfortunately she doesn’t have enough money to come to New York to meet you, besides she also wants to do some shopping. You send money to her, but the only problem is that the girlfriend doesn’t exist.

This scam works because you like the photo of the girl that the scammer uploaded. Online dating is weird, you should avoid it.

5. The Ransom Call

You get a call from an unknown number that your son/daughter/brother or any other close relative is kidnapped, and you are supposed to send money. These calls are a scam and these work because such calls scare the shit out of you.

6. Charity Scams

Whenever some tragedy occurs, like an earthquake, scammers take advantage of it and create fake pop-ups to donate money. Since you care for victims, you want to donate money. The only problem is that money goes somewhere else. These scams work because you care for troubled people.

7. The Nigerian Prince

You get an email from any royalty member who has just got a huge inheritance and he wants you to maintain his property if you pay a nominal fee. These scams don’t work most of the times because these emails are written in broken English.

8. Fake Ticket Scam

You want to go to a show and you don’t have a ticket. You come to know that someone on craigslist is selling the ticket. You meet him, pay him cash and buy the ticket. Unfortunately, the ticket is a scam.

9. Work at Home Scam

You get an advertisement which offers you an opportunity to work at home, you click on it and it requires a fee, you pay it, and that’s it: you are fooled.

10. False Infection

You get a pop-up that your PC s infected and you are encouraged to follow the link to clean your PC: you can get your PC cleaned only for $50. It’s a scam.