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The Teacher as a Pillar of Nation Building Needs the Welfare Increasing in Education

The Teacher as a Pillar of Nation Building Needs the Welfare Increasing

The Teacher as a Pillar of Nation Building Needs the Welfare Increasing

Responsibility and dedication in educating and advancing the nation is on a teacher who is our common hope, then based on Republic Act Number.14 on 2005 (Law on Teachers and Lecturers) teachers are professional educators with the primary task of educating, guiding, directing, train, assess, evaluate students on early childhood education, formal education, primary education and secondary education. It can we interpret that the teacher is a profession which prepare the human resources (HR) to meet the nation's development in the independence.

Therefore, the teacher with all his ability and his power to prepare learning for their students. So we are not wrong if we put teachers as one of the key development of the nation into a developed nation in the future. if the teacher does not put the function as it should, this nation will be left behind in the progress of science and technology increasingly unstoppable longer development time, then we can imagine.

The condition of a nation that we can see the quality is when a developed nation education, where education is a determinant for a nation to develop and quality. May the commitment and perspective like that should be owned and embedded in the minds of everyone in the nation. Because education is something that is vital for the formation of the character of a civilization and progress mengiringnya. Teachers have a responsibility to strategize interesting learning and favored students, the plan carefully so that learners can learn, need to learn, motivated to learn, willing to learn, and are keen to continue to study the lessons.

Quality and Welfare of Teachers Must Be Improved. Since the pre-independence, Master fought repel invaders, proven Sudirman was a teacher. Teachers had raised nationalism.In 1912, the Dutch East Indies born Teachers Association (PGHB) that raise teaching aids, village teachers, principals, and school owners. In 1932, PGHB take bold steps to change its name to the Indonesian Teachers Association. After Indonesia's independence, organization Teacher turns into Indonesian Teachers Association (PGRI), which was inaugurated on November 25 th, 1945.

Now in the era of globalization, he added, the government should improve the quality and welfare of teachers. Data Master mentions of 2.92 million, only about 51% have S-1 or more.

The ratio of teachers to pupils in Indonesia has been ideal, 1:18, meaning one teacher to teach 18 students. 1:30 While in Korea, and Germany 1:20. "But the uneven distribution of teachers throughout Indonesia. Nearly 66% of Indonesia shortage of teachers," he explained."Distribution of Teachers should fit the needs, there is no guarantee the quality of teachers is the same everywhere, and there is no guarantee welfare in the placement of the Master."

The teacher welfare is required to be considered by the government for the advancement of education in our beloved country Indonesia, by far, the government has given the certification program. Teacher certification is the process of granting certificates to the teacher educators. Teaching certificate awarded to teachers who have met the professional standards of teachers. Professional teachers is an absolute requirement to create a system and practice of quality education.

Teacher certification aims to determine the feasibility of teachers in carrying out duties as agents of learning and realize the goal of national education, improve the process and quality of education, enhance the dignity of teachers and improving the professionalism of teachers. teachers who have certification should still improve its performance to always be creative and inovati teachers so that teachers will appear as a teacher who is really competent in their fields.