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Welcome to Events Get. We have been doing silent revolutions befitting your cause. As a matter of fact, you get to see a whole new perspective of your event/s, news, and articles when you upload them in advance on our site. List your all events, news, and guest posts with us on the seminar, workshop, conference, education, company, announcement, circular, business, technology, gadgets, telecom, and more of your college, university, institute, or company on a worldwide basis.

We promote every single event of your organisation online that is listed with us. We have dedicated sections for 'News' and 'Blog' on our site where we continue talking about the essence, background, reasons, and much more about your event/s. At the same time, we spread the news about your organisation such as exam results, internal restructuring, new recruits, and others of your interest. And, all those for FREE!

Who we are:

We are a bunch of young minds and we are beaming with ideas for adding values to the world of education and to the life of the people like researchers, scientists, engineers just to name a few. During our heydays in colleges, we felt the urge for having a single source information on the best college fests. This has summarily propelled us for taking up this entrepreneurial journey.

We offer you an opportunity to publicise your college events on our site eventsget.com for FREE. To us, this is more of a pledge to ourselves for the benefit of the people as a whole over the business.

Things you should know:


We don’t ask for a subscription from anyone in any manner.


Stay in touch through our daily/weekly/monthly updates to the registered community befitting the individual choice and the preference.


People from different walks of life such as the researchers, scientists, knowledge seekers, and faculties are welcome to join us for FREE. There is absolutely no charge hidden in our site. If you are a student, we welcome you and your pals to register with us and stay informed on the upcoming events in your niche market. This, in turn, creates an open platform for the knowledge sharing with the like-minded people from around the world.


We popularise your events and contests by linking up our site with the search engines such as the Google, Bling, and Yahoo. This, in turn, creates opportunities for creating a unique brand pool for the college fests, for instance.


We cover all events such as the events related to business management, engineering, medicine, technology, and general science. In short, we work as an online directory and more for you that suit your coveted niche.


Scientists, researchers, students and the other fellows too can join us as contributors by sharing their college fests.

You can either post an event with us on a sample basis or can check details of the events published on our site to know about the value addition that we do here. Connect with us at the first place to know more about us.