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How Important is it to Read Between the Lines When You Apply for a Job? in General

How Important is it to Read Between the Lines When You Apply for a Job?

How Important is it to Read Between the Lines When You Apply for a Job?

A job application is an expression of interest by a candidate on the face of an opportunity to work for an organisation. This, in other words, construes that a candidate offers his/her services bespoke to the opportunity. Therefore, it becomes imperative for every potential candidate to read between the lines where the phrase "read between the lines" means reading what is implied but not expressed on the surface. Don't think it's the sole responsibility of the HR consultant or the HR of the employer organisation to figure out whether you fit the bill or not. It is, indeed, a joint responsibility of you and the HR.

Why reading between the lines is a joint responsibility?

On many an occasion, you may have been tempted to apply or have applied to jobs that have had somewhat similarity to your current profile or the one that you had a few years down the line. In such a case, you have to be judgemental on the percent of similarity or familiarity with the job on offer. For instance, if it's a 70% and above match, you should apply to the job since the HR will never get a 100% match for a replacement and therefore, he/she has to explore something beyond the known territory.  

You may ask where from I got this perception. Well, it's a fact that logically 100% match is impossible. Research around the world has revealed that twins looking exactly the same are impossible.

Like the five fingers of your hand, different organisations have different work culture and practices. Besides, the opportunity cost (cost of finding a close replacement) also comes into play. Therefore, a 100% match is a farfetched proposition here.

On the flip side, your job search must not expose a lack of job satisfaction and insincerity on your part. Unfortunately, you fall a victim here in your job application when applying to jobs having a little or no similarity befitting your profile. Your application for a job is the very first step that is supposed to earn a ticket for you for the next level in your job hunt. As such, applying to jobs after a careful reading between the lines is a joint responsibility involving the HR of the employer organisation or the job consultant and you.

What to read between the lines?

This is yet another important question. Well, there are several implied conditions in every job posting such as the relevant experience, pay structure, experience, KRA (Key Responsibility Area), and the nature of employment (contractual, part-time, full-time). Again, these conditions may differ to an extent based on the industry type. For instance, the advertising and communication industry usually accepts applicants from all fields such as FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), FMCD (Fast Moving Consumer Durables), and logistics and unfortunately, things do not move the other way at least in developing countries like India.

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