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Being Original When It Comes to Advertising in Marketing

Being Original When It Comes to Advertising

Sometimes, through no fault of your own, your business’s advertising campaigns will hit a brick wall. All of a sudden, something that has worked and got you custom for years will just stop, and you’ll be left wondering just how and where you take your marketing department after that.

If you’re ever left wondering what you can do to freshen up the way you advertise your products, then make sure to be brave enough to try something different. Examples of what you can try specifically can be found below.

Host an online quiz

People like to take quizzes online for the most innocuous of reasons, just to give them something to do. They may not be productive, but they're fun, and people continue to do them, and they get people walking away feeling good about themselves because they’ve just, essential, spoken about themselves. Everybody has a bit of ego at the end of the day!

By hosting a quiz online, those that visit your site will get the chance to talk about themselves, and they’ll appreciate your business for allowing them to do so.

Do something ‘meme-worthy’

By doing something that people can turn into a meme or any other type of internet sensation, then you get the best type of advertisement: free advertisement. When something to do with your business goes viral, and it begins spreading like wildfire across the world’s computer screens, you get exactly where you need to be, without having to pay for the privilege of getting there.

What you should also be doing is ensuring that you take part in all of the latest trends to sweep through the crazy world of the internet. Keep up with trends and maximize on any particular topic that ties in with your business well, which can have a more impacting effect and help potential customers find you.

Use an Instagram grid

Today, Instagram is the go-to social media for many young internet users, so using it is a must. You shouldn't just be using it to upload random photos that do not inspire any likes and, therefore, any traffic to your site, however. You should be using an Instagram grid to create a conglomerate of photos (a series of standalone photos that join together to create a bigger one) as this will catch the eye far more. What’s more, it’ll show yourself to be neat and tidy with what you do, and that’s something else that customers want to see.

Give customers something to remember you by

Chances are, the potential customers that you speak to will forget about you as soon as they leave your premises. To stop this from happening, you should give them a slice of your business to take away with them, so that they have something to remember you by — but make sure you’re creative when it comes to what you provide them. This could be a business card that offers some sort of use, such as one that is combined with a bottle opener, or this could be a commemorative coin that has your company’s logo stamped on it — head to Military Coins USA to learn more about that particular course of action. The point is, when you give potential customers something physical to remember you by, they will be far more likely to return to you with their custom in hand.

Go live online

Going live online is becoming an increasingly popular vessel for business-customer connection. It is garnering such popularity because it allows for businesses to show their true company culture in real time, it allows them to broadcast specific events to people who aren't there, and it facilitates getting in touch with customers in as personal a manner as there is without being there in person with them. To go live online, you should be using Facebook and Periscope.

Create a virtual showroom

You don't have to own a car dealership to create a virtual showroom for your business — in fact, you should be creating one for yours regardless of what you do or what service you offer. Doing so would entail you creating a business website that does more than just include an ‘About Me’ section, as it would essentially just be a 360-degree replica of your working space. In this virtual replica, you should seek to include everything from your members of staff to the tools that you use to do the service that you offer. Creating a showroom in this way helps potential customers get as good a grasp as is possible about your business, without having to leave their homes to get it.

Get involved with local events

Whenever an event is announced to take place in your local area, you should instantly be scrambling to be a part of it in some way or another as this is some of the best publicity you can have. Whether you actually hold a stall or a pop-up shop there for yourself or whether you just sponsor it, you should be getting involved with the event because it shows that you have ties with your local community and because it gets your brand out there and into the eyes of people that will not have seen it before. When you do, make sure you offer hand stamps with your logo on, as this type of branding will live on the consumers hand long after the event has finished. Face to face networking is invaluable in business and can be overlooked in the wave of internet marketing. Interaction and a personal connection can go a long way in terms of communicating to potential custom who you are and what you can offer, as you are more memorable and will be able to communicate in a clearer way how you can provide a unique service to a potential new client.

If you've grown tired of all the old ways of advertising, or whether they’re just not working for you anymore, then you need to be switching it up. You need to be getting creative with the way that you advertise yourself, and you need to be opting for options that make you and your business look unique. So, whether it’s going live online or getting involved with local events, don’t be afraid to try new things and be a bit different.