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Events get Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay for posting events?

Posting of events on is completely FREE for life. You can post as many events as you want with the genuine data and information. Don’t forget to add some HD (High Resolution) photographs and videos of the earlier events if you have. They will substantially increase traffic to your posting/s.

How do I post about an event?

Posting an event with is simple since it involves a few steps to follow for the purpose.

Sign into your accountgo to Events SectionClick Create New Events

Alternatively, send your event details at the email address of the website administrator of of your country. Please click on the Contact Us page to get email addresses of the site’s associate country administrators.

Can I receive email alerts on the events of the multiple countries?

Sorry, you can’t get multi-country alerts on events through email. Your account setting will ask for choosing a country for setting up the alert. You can, however, view events of all the participating countries on the site.

How can I edit my event information?

To edit your event information, follow the following steps.

Go to your accountEvent InformationClick on My Events link
Can I edit events after publishing?

Yes, you can edit the events even after publishing as long as your events are valid. It means you can’t edit information on an event after it’s over. For instance, you posted an event for 14th February 2016. You can edit information till 14th Feb on the event and NOT beyond that.

Can I receive new event posting notification and messages in my account through the website?

Yes, you do get notified on all such occasions.

How do I subscribe to the event alert?

First create an account with the site and then sign in. Go to the settings page and set an alert. Alternatively, register your email address with the site. You will start receiving updates on events at your chosen intervals (weekly/monthly).

What types of event alerts can I get?

You will get alerts on all types of events such as science, research, engineering, technical, and non-technical to name a few. Everything will be pruned to your choice and the requirement.