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How to Find the Best Freelancer Writer Online in Entrepreneurship / Startup

How to Find the Best Freelancer Writer Online

How to Find the Best Freelancer Writer Online

It really is not a secret that having high-quality content would go a long way in elevating your online reputation and also according you many opportunities online. This applies in simple scenarios such as increasing your website’s reputation to complex ones such as your company’s marketing website or even B2B email content among many other scenarios. Whichever the case, creation of exceptional content is a necessity to survive in the online world.

However, as much as the creation of outstanding content seems to be a walk in the park, in theory, the opposite is actually what is true. It is a challenging task for quality content to be produced, and an even more challenging one to consistently deliver top-notch quality content.

Having acknowledged the difficulty this poses, there is the need for a solution for such a situation. One of the surest methods is finding and hiring an experienced freelance writer to help improve your content. In addition to this, a freelance writer is essential in helping to alleviate the burden of executing your already-laid content strategies at large scale and consistently. This article below has dived into some of the best methods that you should incorporate when searching for a freelancer online.

Identify and Reach Exceptional Freelancers

Regarding content, when you come across a piece that you find outstanding, you will more often than not become mesmerized by the weight it will have on your awareness. The words normally seem to come alive and address you directly or talk to you in a bid to prompt you into taking a specific action. Such pieces are what you should look out for when you are in the business of searching for a freelance writer.

You should start by taking keen interest and following closely the writing styles, publications, and tone used among many other things of the author behind content that you have come across and has impressed you. This should be your top priority, especially when you find such great content even though it is in the 140 characters of a tweet, as long as it is directly relevant or related to your particular blog topics or industry. Evernote or Google Docs should do the trick for you when taking ongoing notes from such outstanding pieces.

In most pieces that are posted online, there are links to author bylines which enable you to access more of their work, their social channels, and their informative biographies. You should copy and then paste such data into the application you’ve opted for taking notes and keep these details safely. After you’ve compiled a list that entails around 10 freelance writers whose works have swept you off your feet, you should move to the next step. This is narrowing down the list by indulging into more detailed research about each author. You can go through their portfolios, social channels and all publications that they have contributed some content to.

You will do good to keep in mind that such writers are responsible for establishing your brand’s voice. This should push you to perform thorough research that will help you to place a finger on whether they will be suited to create content for your pieces. You should also be keen on paying attention to conflicting interests between you and these authors, or any links that they may have with your competitors. This will help you alleviate any potential problems that could arise after you begin working together.

Explore Freelancer Job Boards

One of the surest ways of finding a qualified freelance writer by exploring marketplaces for specialty writing or even searching in various job boards. For you to better your odds of getting a freelance writer who is also a professional, you can begin your search in job boards that are "copywriter-centric" in nature. Among such job, boards include; WriterAccess and

You should note that the above-listed sites are different from other job boards that are more generic such as Monster, Upwork or Craiglist as they have better resources to ensure that your writing needs have been handled. This is because they have a specific target which is the acquisition of top-notch freelance writers.

Beyond searching for job boards for freelance writers, there are writer marketplaces that are better designed for the provision of managed experience at a larger scale. These make them even more reliable in their delivery of excellent content due to their unlimited access to hundreds of thousands of exceptional writers. In a nutshell, they have experience in the finding of the best teams in the freelance writer world which can help you locate the best freelancer.

When you take to making a selection of job boards, you should not forget to take into consideration the weaknesses and strengths of your on-going efforts of content marketing such as distribution, management, and strategy among many others. These features and considerations will assist you to be better at finding writers that complement the team in-charge of your content creation.

A good example is in the event that your team has a great strategic direction which has been equipped with processes that are well managed, then you are obliged to find a writer that is an expert in the field of content distribution in order to round your team better. Killing three or two birds with a single stone is a treat that you should not afford to miss out on!

Leverage Experts in Various Subject Matters

One of the challenges that you are likely to encounter is finding the best freelance writer who is in a position to understand all about your marketing nuances and industry at levels that are familiar to your team and yourself. This challenge is specifically challenging for technical sectors such as the government as a whole, or the health sector.

Stumbling upon freelance writers that are experts in industries of your choice could wind up being quite the extensive search as compared to finding just any other typical writer. There are some marketplaces for writing that can connect you efficiently to experts in various subject matters. This should urge you to ensure that you have identified the solutions that suit the needs of your industry.

In case you are having some trouble with hiring an expert of diverse subject matters or if you are exhausted of requesting your experts to handle all your content writing jobs, you could take a somewhat different, but equally effective approach. One of the best solutions would be asking your team to do things differently and set them in the course of training new writers over a certain period of time.

For you to see this through, you should first look for any freelance writer of your choice, and preferably one that is looking forward to forging a partnership. You should test this candidate to ensure that they come off as being strong listeners and open to being criticized or allowing revisions to their work.

After you have found the ideal candidate, you could start their training with writing assignments that are basic and help in introducing them to your industry or organization. Then you should instruct your experts on subject matters to introduce them to more challenging assignments with time. Within the first assignments, you should be able to tell if your writer is suitable for you and your team’s needs. It is true that such an exercise could take a big portion of your time, but on the other hand, it could end up saving resources for your organization.


The process of finding a freelance writer is one that’s laced with many challenges but still remains as an important road that one must take. This is especially true if you are in the business of online content writing in areas such as blog sites, business blogs. As much as it is vital for you to find a freelance writer, the process could be more difficult than you’d imagine. This brings the essence of having a framework by which you can use to help in your search for a freelance writer.

The guidelines discussed in this article will help you find the best freelancer online to help you out with whichever tasks you might be having!