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How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Event’s Popularity in Business

How to Use Social Media to Boost Your Event’s Popularity

Social media is powerful. Even today with Facebook’s recent scandal and an increasing worry about social media addiction, it is still the primary tool used to connect, find events, and learn about the world around us. It is used to give a platform to influencers, small brands, and even news outlets that want to get information out there into the world. There are more than enough people for every profile to build a community of their own, and finding this community can help you advertise your business better than ever.

Social media can be used to increase your site traffic, and it can be used to boost your event’s popularity. You can build a guest list. You can build hype. You can host the launch party of the year and boost your business’ popularity exponentially with the right social media strategy, so start today and follow these steps:

Advertise to Your Demographic Directly

One of the best changes in advertising is that today you have the ability to advertise to your demographic directly. This means that you can advertise your event to those who will care about your event and live near your event location. It’s the best way to focus your budget on people who can attend, instead of wasting it on people who, even if they wanted to, would never be able to make it. When it comes to any paid social campaign, however, you will want to ensure that your efforts are optimised. To do this, you will need a paid social agency, so that your money is being spent wisely. When you have an event coming up, after all, every second counts.

Build Hype

Paid social can help get people RSVP’ing to your event, but that isn’t enough to get them to actually go. You need to build hype on every platform that you have. Use photos, videos, behind the scene footage and more to get people excited. People don’t want to go when they don’t think others are going, and playing to people’s FOMO (fear of missing out), can help cause a stir. Get your staff on your pages to help hype it up. Show people it will be popular and that your event is worth going to. Offer prizes, offer freebies, and get people hyped!

Covering the Event on Social

Once your event starts, however, is when your real advertising efforts come in. Cover the event on social media. Share photos, posts, and don’t forget live streaming. You can cover and share your event on stories on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. You can even create a video of the event afterwards, and share on Instagram, IGTV, Facebook, and YouTube. The better you cover it, the more you can use it as marketing material later on.

Using Your Event’s Publicity to Boost Your Business

This marketing material will be key for advertising future events. The more real footage you have, the better an idea new guests can get when deciding whether or not to go to your next event. Offer VIP deals or insider information for previous guests, and you can really start creating events that are a must to whatever demographic you cater to.