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5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Working We Must Know Before Working Remote in Business

5 Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote Working We Must Know Before Working Remote

Remote work is work that can be done anywhere and anytime with a person or a company located in remote areas even very distant. Remote working capital of four things: internet connection, power, skill and responsibility, we are at least able to do remote work. Work the remote or remote working are rampant these days, where one does not need to come into the office to work, they work with a company yet completed its work from wherever he wants to, can be at home, in cafes or other places that do not have to be in the office.

Many pros and cons of the effectiveness of this remote working, Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer in 2013 issued a policy that is causing an uproar among employees, namely by requiring employees to work in the office.

"To become the absolute best place to work, communication and collaboration will be crucial. So we need to work side by side, "Marissa said in a memo to all employees.

Advantages Of Remote Work Are:

1. Save expenditure

Working without the need to work means no transportation costs, either for taking public transportation, gasoline, tolls, parking, and so on. You also do not need to shell out money for lunch, so of course be more efficient spending!

2. Preventing stress

A trip to the office is one factor that triggers stress. Bottlenecks that must be passed every morning usually lowers employee morale. But by working remotely, you do not need to worry about this problem.

3. Not easily saturated

Working remotely is not to be done at home. As long as there is a laptop and an Internet connection, the job can be done anywhere. For example, while coffee at the coffee shop, have lunch at a restaurant, or in the co working space in order to get a new atmosphere or quieter. The number of location options makes you need not fear saturated.

4. Free determine working hours

Remote working is suitable for you is hard to get up early, because you are not fixated on working hours of the office, so no need to rush to depart early. Regardless of hours you start sitting in front of a laptop, the most important thing is your job is done and the target is reached.

5. More time with family

By working at home, you can devote more time for family. It works like this benefit you, especially working women who are married and have children.

Disadvantages Of Remote Work Are:

1. Less socializing

One of the most perceived disadvantages of remote working is in terms of socialization. Your interaction and co-workers are often limited to official business only, so the less you know each other personally. Though the balance between work and social life is also important, you know.

2. Opportunity miscommunication

Working in teams is minimal face interaction is quite likely lead to miscommunication. Certain information is more effective if it is delivered directly rather than through intermediaries, such as electronic devices and the Internet. That is why the meeting is still required even if not routine.

3. Relying on technology

Technology does facilitate the course of a job, but at the same time also cause dependence, especially for remote workers working. Because the technology connecting employees, so if there are technical constraints of the team can work undisturbed.

4. More temptation

Work without direct supervision from the boss has a lot of temptation. Because access to various entertainment choices easier, such as watching TV, playing games, or hang out at the mall for hours, then you yourself should be able to control themselves so that the work was abandoned.

5. Team work is more challenging

Given the remote working team members are not in the same location, then the situation is urgent teamwork can be a tough challenge. For example, when one member is not available or difficult to contact when needed.