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Freedom that Comes at Ease!!! in Telecom

Freedom that Comes at Ease!!!

Freedom that Comes at Ease!!!

The seven letter word ‘freedom’ is all powerful that connotes the power to speak, act, and think without any restraint. We all want freedom on everything that we do. This, in other words, connotes that we all dearly long for the FREEDOM. Why entangle yourself with the headset wires then? Wouldn’t you love to free yourself from those ugly wires of the headset and move in favour of the #wired2wireless?

wired2wireless technology – the history:

Interestingly, some three thousand odd years ago, people used wireless technology. You get to see references of the same in the epics of the ancient India like the Bhagawat Geeta and the Mahabharata. In Mahabharata, Sanjay was visualising and narrating the live description of the Kurukshetra war to Dhritarashtra (the father of the Kauravas) sitting far away from the place of the war. Again, think about the heavenly voice that cautioned the king Kansa about the eighth son of his beloved sister Devaki who would kill him.

The latest instance of the #wrired2wireless technology can be found at the Golkonda Fort in Hyderabad where talking in a particular direction of the wall can help your voice reach the farthest end of the fort. That’s how probably a king used to command his people during the emergency.      

wired2wireless technology – the present:

It’s an era that thrives in technology. The life has moved from the #wired2wrireless. People like the doctors and the interview panelists, for instance, are sitting at the far end and having effective discussions across the geographies using the #wired2wireless technology on PC or the smartphone. Can you afford to be left behind?

Here is a list of points to consider for buying the Bluetooth headsets.

  • Hands-free communication: While using the Bluetooth headset, you can effectively keep both the hands free. This, in other words, construes to your unique benefit of multitasking befitting your time, schedule, and the jobs in hand. For instance, you are attending a conference call involving your seniors while doing the file work at the sales depot. You thus manage your time productively choosing to go with the #wired2wireless
  • Walk the talk: This is yet another breakthrough of the Bluetooth headset. You can walk the talk here. This, in other words, means you can talk effortlessly while walking down, say the office premises. You can even manage your personal calls while working at the office. In short, you get an opportunity of shedding a few kilos from your weight when you use Bluetooth headset.
  • Healthy option: Mobile phones use the radio technology. As such, holding mobile phones close to your body is harmful. At times, you will see that you ears are becoming hot after talking for sometime over the mobile. Bluetooth handset sets you free from such health hazards.

Buy the Bluetooth-enabled #wired2wireless headsets for a clear and flawless communication on the move. That’s the catch here.