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Kerala - The Tourist Hub with a Combination of Culture, Lifestyle, Festival and Attractions in Others

Kerala - The Tourist Hub with a Combination of Culture, Lifestyle, Festival and Attractions

Kerala - The Tourist Hub with a Combination of Culture, Lifestyle, Festival and Attractions

For travellers who love nature, traditional and culture Kerala is for sure one of the best and must-visit destination in India. Filled with a number of elements like culture tradition and lifestyle, a number of tourist attractions like the backwater destinations, beaches, hill stations and wildlife sanctuaries, festivals and a number of activities and sports to enjoy. All these attracting elements of Kerala make the land a hot spot for tourism. One of the major elements of Kerala that attracts the foreign travellers to land is the backwater destinations and the number of activities that the travellers visiting this complex backwater destination would get. The Kerala tourism department now promoting tourism has arranged and put forward a number of activities that would attract the travellers to the land. The promotion and modification of the backwater destinations into a major attraction in Kerala is one of the major projects of the Kerala tourism department. To make the tour through the backwaters more entertaining and attractive a number of different traditional dance forms and cultural events are organised by travel operators like life made easy. A number of cheap and affordable Kerala backwater tour packages are also organised by different tour operators with an aim to promote backwater tourism in the land. Apart from backwaters, the land has a number of other attractions in the form of beaches, hill stations, historic monuments, festivals, cultures and traditions. Some of the main elements of Kerala that attract travellers from around the world are listed below.

Culture and Lifestyle

A wide verity of art forms and customs of Kerala which the Keralite still follow and cherish have successfully kept the moral values, culture and traditions of the land intact. Literature music and dance have become an integral part of the culture of Kerala. The different dance forms of Kerala with heavy jewellery, costumes and makeup is, without doubt, a visual delight for travellers visiting Kerala. Kathakali and Mohiniyattom are the primary dance forms of traditional Kerala, which fascinated the overseas travellers.

Kathakali - This art form is one of the most important traditional dance forms of Kerala. It holds in a unique blend of music, dance, art and literature of traditional, Kerala and myths. Stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata and other such Puranas are mostly enacted in this dance form. The professional dancers narrate the entire story with a different hand and facial moves accompanied by classical dance steps and the traditional folk music.

Mohiniyattom – This is another important classical dance form of Kerala. This dance form with great similarity to Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi was only supposed to be enacted in the temples by the devadasis according to the ancient Kerala. The hand gestures, facial movements and steps are the major part of the dance. Traditional white Saree with a golden border and heavy jewellery are the costumes used in this dance form.

Tourist Attractions

Kerala is a land with a number of tourist attractions, which mostly include beaches and a number of backwater destinations. These attractions of the land have made the place one of the best tourist destinations in the world. Apart from the hill stations and the fascinating mountain ranges the 2 main elements that attract the travellers the most is the complex yet very beautiful backwater stretches of the land and the innumerable number of beaches with clear water and clean shore.

Beaches - The two main beaches of Kerala are the Kovalam breach located in the capital city of Trivandrum and the Cherai beach located in the heart of Kerala, Ernakulam. Kovalam is one of the most famous and internationally renowned beaches, which are, located about 10km from Trivandrum. This internationally renowned beach is one of the fascinating attractions in the city with shore lined with a number of coconut plantations, and glittering waters. One of the main attractions of the beach is the fact that it is a combination of 3 different beaches called the Lighthouse beach, the Hawah beach and the Samudra beach. A number of travellers both domestic and foreign visit this beach while being in the city to enjoy some of the activities like a refreshing swim in the waters and sunbathe on the beach lined with palm fringes and coconut plantations. Another mesmerising beach in Kerala is the Cherai beach, which is located to the hearty of Kerala. This fascinating beach is better known as the paradise for swimmers, with clean and fresh waters this beach is truly a paradise for swimmers. One of the main importance of the beach is its location with the Arabian Sea on the Western and the complex backwater stretches to the east. If lucky, enough you could even get to see the dolphins in the sea occasionally.

Backwaters - Other than the beaches, the backwaters of Kerala could be better referred to as the primary attraction of the land. With a unique texture of the waters, the backwaters of Kerala are only water form that supports a wide variety of complex and unique life forms in and around the waters. The bank of the waters houses a variety of the medicinal plants, which are very helpful in Ayurvedic treatment in the land. Kumarakom is one of the moist known backwater destinations in Kerala, which is mostly visited by the travellers. The Kumarakom backwater is one of the fastest developing tourist destinations in Kerala, with the shore of the place lined with coconut plantations and a number of palm-fringed trees. Other than the scenic beauty of the waters, the place offers the visitors with a number of tourist attractions like canoeing, wind sailing and water skiing, which are the most popular water sport in the area. Tourists visiting this backwater destination could not just enjoy the scenic beauty of the waters but also enjoy fishing in the freshwater lakes and Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary with a number of unique species of birds and hence the place is also a paradise for the bird watcher visiting the land.


Festive seasons could be said as one of the greatest celebrations in Kerala, where all the people irrespective of the cast colour or creed come together to enjoy the festival. Kerala being a land with a number of pilgrim centres one of the main celebration of the land is the very famous among both domestic and foreign tourists. Thrissur Purim which is celebrated every year in the month of April and May in the thekkinkadu Maidanam one of the greatest celebration in the land with a number of 50 elephants and 100 traditional instruments all played simultaneously to double the feel of celebration. Attended by more than 3lak people every year this celebration is one of the major parts of the culture of the land. Followed by the celebration of Thrissur Pooram come to the celebration of Onam, this is called as the festival of the state. Even though this is a celebration for the Hindus, the festival is celebrated all along Kerala with complete enthusiasm. It is a harvest festival which is celebrated in the month of August and September. Celebrated for a minimum of 10 days the festival depicts the myths and believes which the people of Kerala believes in. a number of tourists visit Kerala during this festive season to explore the seasonal colour splash in the land.

Things to Do

Apart from sightseeing and enjoying the beauty of the state, there are a number of activities that travellers visiting the tourist destination of Kerala could enjoy.

Treetop stays: Being a land known for its wild and vegetation one of the main activities that every traveller enjoy in the state is the tree top stays. It is one of the best opportunities where you could get closer to the nature enjoying the refreshment and the feel of true wild.

Ayurvedic treatment: One of the other main things that travellers could enjoy in the land is the Ayurvedic treatments, which help in rejuvenation of body mind and soul. Kerala being a land better known as the Ayurvedic hub is the only place in India where you could experience the true magic of herbal medicines. Kerala is a land, which houses a number of Ayurvedic treatment centres, which offers the travellers visiting the land with a number of rejuvenation therapies. Most of the travellers, both domestic and foreign visit Kerala with a primary aim to enjoy the rejuvenation therapy of the land.

Houseboat ride - With a number of backwater destination and beaches, houseboats are the main attraction of the waters in Kerala. Travellers from around the world visit the backwaters of Kerala availing different best houseboat packages to explore and enjoy the true beauty of the waters. Alleppey is one of the most famous backwater destinations in Kerala, which is famous for the houseboat rides, and the beauty of the complex waters with the unique backwater villages and paddy fields. One of the main attractions of the houseboats in Alleppey is the different activities that travel operators like Lifemadeasy organise so as to entertain the guests. One of the main activities organised in the houseboats of Kerala is the exhibition of the traditional dance forms so as to keep the tourist entertained.

With the combination of culture, tradition, festivals, tourist attraction and a number of activities Kerala is a land, which entertains all the travellers visiting the land. Being a hot spot for tourism the land is one of the best destinations, which could be explored by the travellers around the world with interest of any kind. Be a bird watcher, an adventure tourist, nature lover, photographer, pilgrim tourist or a historical tourist, Kerala is a land with enough resources to meet the needs of the travellers visiting the land.