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How To Enhance The Longevity Of Flowers In A Bouquet in Others

How To Enhance The Longevity Of Flowers In A Bouquet

Flowers have a universal appeal, and bouquets are common gift items given or received on events like weddings or a felicitation ceremony. However, a sad fact about bouquets is that the leaves and flowers dry out within a short time frame and then the bouquet looks unappealing and crumpled. It might seem to be the perfect idea to purchase artificial flowers to prevent them from going bad, but real flowers have something special that artificial ones can never duplicate.

The everlasting freshness of bouquets can never be attained, yet their wilting can be slowed down notably by some methods. Here are some suggestions that will help keep the flowers looking attractive for a longer time.

Firstly, you should inquire with your florist about the lifespan of the flowers that are in your bouquet, as some flowers such as sunflower, have smaller periods of bloom than flowers like lilies and roses. You have to tell the florist to make the bouquet with flowers that stay in bloom for a longer time than others.

If you are the recipient of a bouquet, then you can cut the stems and keep the bouquet in a vase with water. The freshness span of bouquets is slightly increased by doing this. If a few flowers or leaves begin drying up, you can remove them so that the rest of the bouquet continues to look fresh.

You should keep the vase in a position where it receives enough light and air. Flowers cannot remain in full bloom for long if they do not get air and sunlight; hence you should allow the sun and open air to reach the flowers if you wish to maintain their freshness. Nevertheless, the sunlight reaching on the flowers must not be harsh as that way the moisture will be lost and they will die quickly.