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Cedar Garden Rooms

Cedar Garden Rooms
Cedar Garden Rooms
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Wakefield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

When we receive a call from someone looking to create a unique luxury garden room, be that for additional space or storage, or simply a place to unwind, we endeavour to create an overview of your idea. We do this initially in order to get an idea of what size we might look at and the garden room cost involved. It is also important to know where and how one of our garden rooms will fit into the surrounding area. 

This can be done through a photograph of your garden, or taking an address which we can use to gauge your garden size (trade secrets withheld.) 

Your photograph will go through a post production process in which we will super impose a design similar to what you have described. Each time we take on a new project, our portfolio builds and it’s that input from you, your ideas and thoughts, that allows us to grow.

If both parties are happy to progress from the initial contact, we then organise an in-person meeting. Andy and or Gary will come to the site to assess what ground work may need to be done, and to gain an idea of the space we would be working in. It’s also a chance for you to meet us and really understand our values and how we operate, because really, its people that matter. We use this time as an opportunity to have an open discussion, in which you can ask as many questions as you like and we can begin our plans.

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