Which class to pick in Lost Ark?

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Which class to pick in Lost Ark?, Online Event
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Which class to pick in Lost Ark?
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12-08-2022 to 30-09-2022
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Unlike other MMOs that may require you to press your W key with a tapping bird Lost Ark Gold, Lost Ark does come with the option of setting your own AFK This is a brief guide on how you can adjust your AFK timer in the game. Updated on June 6th 2022: We've changed this post to add a video tutorial that shows you exactly how to set the AFK timer in Lost Ark.

This can prevent you from being kicked before the end of your time, perfect for avoiding another two hours in the queue. Some players had difficulties when trying to download the game on Steam It's likely that the number of players on launch day could exceed Founder's Pack players. You should set your AFK timer immediately after you login if you're looking forward to long sessions!

You can also alter other crucial settings within your menus, including changing your mouse controls. Also, you can play with a controller instead.

Lost Ark: Where To Find Every Mokoko Seed Within Tooki Corporation

Tooki Corporation (not to be confused with Tooki Island), is one of the more shadier island that Lost Ark has to offer. Instead of being a victim of Tookis to find treasure here, you become one of them and help them to help. It's definitely a nice variation from the old ways.

Tooki Corporation is located in the Sea of Procyon, to the east of Feiton close to the fourth level of Dead Waters. This means you won't be able access the island until you've reached second tier of content and safely cross to the Wall of Procyon Lost Ark Gold buy. However, there are an overall total of three Mokoko seeds on the island. Let's check out where they're at.

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