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Players will use the support
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Online Event

Most of the time, players will use the support, attack, and items to regenerate their health in the  Lost Ark Gold game. This is the reason we've included the 15 top battle equipment and consumables in Lost Ark that players should be using at all times. While you're there, be sure to read the Lost Ark Best Martial Artist and Astray Ship crews guides.Potions, including HP Potions, Major HP Potions and even Elemental HP Potions, will always be top of the utility rankings and we'll remove this one from first. If players put in the effort and work hard, they'll be able to complete their initial Guardian Raids, Abyss Dungeons, and other challenging activities without having to take any potions even once.

However, the ratio of risk to reward is usually not enough to justify doing so.If they are successful, they will have prevented the loss of some or all of the potions, If they're unsuccessful, they could have played a major role to the demise of the Guardian Raid or the Abyss Dungeon that will adversely influence the experience of all players.You must always carry health potions available, not just as a requirement for Guardian Raids but also for any other endgame PvE activities you participate in. This is vital. The majority of players choose blue health drinks because they are the most reliable choice.However it is possible to make use of green potions if are comfortable with the boss's tactics and attacks, and you can use purple potions in case you're uncertain of your capability to stay away from attacks by enemies.

BEST Lost Ark Battle Items

A standard HP Potion will restore 30 percent of your HP following cooling down for 10 seconds however, a larger HP Potion will restore 45 percent of your HP. On the other hand an Elemental HP Potion restores 60 percent of your health as well as conferring the Elemental Blessing status effect.

So, you might want to think about having Potions when you play content at the end of the game in particular when it is involving teamwork. It is not worth it because it's not too difficult to acquire extra Battle Item Potions at minimum but not when you compare Lost Ark Gold for sale to certain Honing Materials which are more expensive, and it's unfair to disrupt other players' experience.

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