Mapping and Visualization in Epidemiology and Public Health using GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies.

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  • Location Pretoria, South Africa
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  • Date 01-05-2023 - 05-05-2023
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Mapping and Visualization in Epidemiology and Public Health using GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies.
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Training or Development Class
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01-05-2023 to 05-05-2023
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Pretoria, South Africa
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Vital Extra Learning & Consultancy
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Vital Extra Learning & Consultancy
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Both (Technical & Non Technical)
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Pretoria, South Africa

Course Title: Mapping and Visualization in Epidemiology and Public Health using GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies.

Course  provider : Vital Extra Learning and consultancy

Venue : Pretoria, S/Africa

01/05/2023 - 05/05/2023 :

Course Description

Health is a very sensitive sector in any economy. Most countries economic development is anchored in health sector. Due to the sector continued complexity and multi-faceted nature that warrant huge work in research, monitoring and evaluation, well-chosen and implementable monitoring and evaluation tools and techniques are inevitable. Such skills are useful in ensuring that health sector projects and programmes are implemented as designed and planned. Geographical information Systems have become an essential tool for planning, resource management and decision making. The ability of GIS to store, retrieve, analyze model and map spatial data has enhanced its application. Geographic information systems are used in health sector. This course aims at equipping the learners with knowledge to use GIS tools to visualize indicators in health, explore spatial data and analyze maps to communicate information and make decisions.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

• Use GIS as monitoring tool for projects and programmes activities in health sector.

• Familiarize with spatial data availability

• Appreciate the role of spatial data infrastructure (SDI) in health sector

• Use participatory GIS (PGIS) at community level

• Conduct public health related data modeling using GIS

• Collect data using Mobile data gathering tools

• Integrate GIS within new and existing activities in health.

Who should enroll?

The course is useful for professionals who use spatial data as part of their work and who need to make decisions from such data. Such professionals include: public health M & E practitioners, health programmes managers and students among others.

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