Look at the pile of sandbags close to the castle's wall

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  • TypeManagement Fests
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  • Location California, Lori, Armenia
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  • Date 21-04-2022 - 30-11-2022
Look at the pile of sandbags close to the castle's wall, California, Lori, Armenia
Management Fests Title
Look at the pile of sandbags close to the castle's wall
Event Type
Management Fests
Management Fests Date
21-04-2022 to 30-11-2022
Last Date for Applying
California, Lori, Armenia
Organization Name / Organize By
Elden Ring Runes
Organizing/Related Departments
Elden Ring Runes
Organization Type
Event Organizing Company
Management FestsCategory
Both (Technical & Non Technical)
Management FestsLevel
All (State/Province/Region, National & International)
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California, Lori, Armenia

Rampart Tower.From this point, we are able to reach the main area of Stormveil, but before that , we'll have some obscure items to Elden Ring Runes be found. Begin by ascending another staircase, which is outside into the Site of Grace room. The room will be filled with an enemy who is shielded and spear as well as a soldier who is shooting you with one of the platforms across the room. You can run into the nearby hallway in order to stay clear of the crossbow adversaries or use counters to guard for destroying the shield-wielding enemy. Go back to the elevator and hop onto the pulley system to go over to the other side, kill the soldier, and loot the Throwing Dagger five.


Go back into the hallway and walk the way to an exit point that leads to an exterior platform. Make sure to walk slowly around the pedestal to the left of the door in order to avoid alarming the guards on patrol. Go up the steps on the opposite side of the platform. Sneakily kill him. Then go to kill the rest of the guards one at a time.


Look at the pile of sandbags close to the castle's wall. Use them to climb up onto the wall. After that, go right along the ledge until you're close enough for you to jump onto the tower's crumbling side. Fall inside, and jump back in order to find the Stonesword Key.


Take a leap out of the window, and take a landing on the rooftop beneath, where you'll see an armoured stormhawk. This hawk is equally strong as the previous and is also able to release fire from its helmet. Trying to pick a spot to attack is challenging because of its erratic movement The best way to defend yourself is to shield yourself from one of its strong strikes and buy Elden Ring Items counter-attack through the small opening. You can defeat the hawk and get the Dazing Cross-Legged gesture that is on the other side of the roof.

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