The July update has just been posted on Lost Ark

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  • Date 30-09-2022 - 31-10-2022
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The July update has just been posted on Lost Ark
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30-09-2022 to 31-10-2022
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The July update has just been posted on Lost Ark , which introduces the Arcanist, the Punika Powerpass , which allows players to instantly bring their character to the level of 1302 in an Express Event as well as new challenges of the Valtan-Legion Raid and more. still. The roadmap is now available on their official website , Amazon Games communicates the new content that will be available after the updates in August and September.

The month of August, that tends to be a slower month for video games, it might appear a bit. In actuality, the Pet Ranch will be added to the game, and we will be able restore the morale of our pets, monitor their actions and also earn Jelly Cookies, which can be traded for rewards. In addition, the Maharaka Festival will also arrive , a new event with numerous prizes to be won.

The month of September will instead bring two significant updates. The first one will bring significant technical changes to the backend that will make way for the second, which will contain some of the most recent quality of life improvements recently added within South Korea. For example Lost Ark Gold will include the Global Chat Room will be added, improved interaction between servers , such as the ability to communicate with people from different servers in Strongholds and the possibility to add friends from other servers, improved PvP settings enhanced guild systems and better controller support.

Additionally, the Machinist will also arrive in September , a new subclass that comes with laser weapons, machine guns and drones, prepared to detonate, melt and eliminate any threat. When the normal drones and weapons don't suffice to defeat an opponent Machinists can use the Hypersync feature. Energy is a core that can be charged using attacks , and can be utilized by the skills. Machinists join Deadeye, Gunslinger, Artillerist, as well as Sharpshooter as the Gunner's fifth advanced class .

Also, the Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid will also be made available . In this game, players will face the madness in the Midnight Circus as they fight against members of the Mayhem Legion and the commander of the Legion, Kakul-Saydon. In contrast to buy Lost Ark Gold , this is a four-player Legion Raid with three gates and comes complete with a host of unique new abilities, features and mechanics. The normal difficulty demands an ilvl of 1475, while a less difficult version of the raidis called Midnight Circus: Rehearsal, is available to players who have 1385 ilvl.

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