Digital Marketing Training Course

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  • TypeTraining or Development Class
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  • Location Nairobi, Kenya
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  • Date 02-08-2021 - 06-08-2021
Digital Marketing Training Course, Nairobi, Kenya
Training or Development Class Title
Digital Marketing Training Course
Event Type
Training or Development Class
Training or Development Class Date
02-08-2021 to 06-08-2021
Nairobi, Kenya
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Upskill Development Institute
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Upskill Training Department
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Education Institution
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Both (Technical & Non Technical)
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All (State/Province/Region, National & International)
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Business Development


Nairobi, Kenya

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This unique course offers you the opportunity to learn about the different aspects of digital marketing through a series of dynamic training sessions. Each section will be trained by a digital marketing professional who have practical skills in online marketing. You will be guided through different digital marketing channels including Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat) PPC (Google Adwords), SEO, Digital Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Analytics (Website traffic, Facebook Insight) and more.

The course will provide a skill set to the mechanics and key marketing strategies associated with marketing on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Adwords and Email campaigning.

Proving social media return on investment (ROI) can be tough. Learn how to use measurements to demonstrate exactly how social media creates value for your business.

In addition, it will help business setups, business owners, professionals and Non-profit managers understand how to hire, guide, and monitor social media professionals. In addition, participants will learn how to leverage social media to enhance their online reputation and expand their career opportunities.

Who should apply?

Small business owners, startup business, social media marketer, online marketers, online strategist, a student, a blogger, anybody with a business startup idea, the course will give you up-to-date knowledge and skills in digital marketing.

Training Duration

5 Days


Basic computer knowledge

Course Objectives

By completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Clear understanding of digital marketing, its value and importance to your marketing strategy.
  • Learning how to engage with millions of potential client who use social media platforms.
  • Increase traffic to your website content and increase on sales/awareness.
  • Learn how to promote brands, increase sales, engage customers, and drive site traffic using Facebook and Twitter
  • Learning how to craft, implement, measure, and optimize a winning social media marketing strategy
  • Identify the right audience and reach an unlimited number of prospective clients/audience using social media
  • Get more value from your email campaigns.
  • Work with social media goals to achieve successful online campaigns.
  • Learning the social listening which is critically with openness
  • Learn how to develop effective online marketing strategies for various fields.
  • Identify setup and use the major social media and online marketing portals that can be used to promote a company, brand, product, service or person.
  • Identifying appropriate social media and online marketing portals for your business to influence consumer and improve the company’s reputation.
  • Learn how to set up a Facebook Business Account exclusively for business use and build out your Facebook page in a way that promotes your brand
  • Learn how to use LinkedIn to connect with your target market, engage with prospects, and develop relationships with buyers as part of your sales process.
  • Learn how to setup a Google Adwords account and learn how to setup an advert

Course Content

Module 1: Introduction

  • What is digital marketing?
  • Integrating digital marketing with the overall marketing strategy
  • Definitions of terminologies
  • How people are using the Internet in modern days?
  • Target Consumer Behaviors
  • Company/ Business objectives

Module 2: Planning and Strategy

  • Digital Marketing Budgeting planning – why it is different from traditional marketing
  • A few legal considerations

Module 3: Marketing Research

  • What data do you need to gather?
  • Who are your customer?
  • Which digital platform do they use?
  • Where do you use paid or organic/ unpaid marketing?

Module 4: Website Design and Usability

  • Company/ Business objectives
  • Planning your website – functionality, navigation and content
  • Relation between website content and digital marketing
  • User friendliness, easy to access the website from different devices
  • Usability testing – how to make sure things are working properly
  • What’s new – on-demand video

Module 5: Tracking and Measurement

  • What can you measure and how do you measure?
  • Traffic (website traffic, ads reach and engagement)– advertising, search, email, affiliates and referrals
  • Web traffic/ Analytics – what you can track and how you can use it

Module 6: Digital Marketing Toolkit

  • Content Marketing – how to write and improve your content
  • Social Media Marketing – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn
  • SEO - what is it and how to benefit from it?
  • Paid Search - what is it and how do you do it better?
  • Display and Video Marketing – how to get right, budgeting and creative
  • Email Marketing - what is it and how to benefit from it?
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Website Optimization
  • Web analytics i.e Google Analytics, Webmaster/Search Console
  • Blogging


Whether you’re new to digital marketing or have some basic knowledge, this practical training course will give you the opportunity to take your skills to the next level and enhance your digital marketing career opportunities.

You will gain an in-depth understanding in Per-Per-Click, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Social Media Marketing (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) Email Marketing, Analytics, and Strategy.

Training Approach

This course will be delivered by our skilled trainers who have vast knowledge and experience as expert professionals in the fields. The course is taught in English and through a mix of theory, practical activities, group discussion and case studies. Course manuals and additional training materials will be provided to the participants upon completion of the training.

Tailor-Made Course

This course can also be tailor-made to meet organization requirement. For further inquiries, please contact us on: Email: [email protected] Tel: +254 721 331 808

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Registration Fees
Registration Fees Details
Course fee: 1000 usd
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