14th Annual Comp-Play-Comp Marathon '40 Ounce'

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  • Location New York, United States
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  • Date 23-04-2024
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14th Annual Comp-Play-Comp Marathon '40 Ounce'
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New York, United States
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Composers Concordance
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Composers Concordance
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Fine Arts
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New York, United States

On April 23rd at DROM NYC, the 'CompCord @ 40' festival continues with the 14th Annual Comp-Play-Comp Marathon. The event will feature more than 20 composers / performers presenting their four-minute compositions on this year's theme: '40 Ounce', in honor of our 40th anniversary season. The annual marathon focuses on the simple question of 'What kind of music do composers write when they know they are one of the performers?' For 14 years, we have been exploring this question and always find the answer surprising and artistically satisfying.


Featured compositions this year include Gene Pritsker's '40oz (With Brown Paper Bag Applause)' on a poem by Robert C. Ford. The piece explores the sounds of blowing into a 40 ounce bottle of beer. Pritsker and Ford created a sampled instrument while drinking an actual 40oz bottle of beer and sampling the pitches after each gulp. Notable American composer Carman Moore will present '4 BIG E=CM2' in memory to his friend keyboardist Eric Johnson and associate director Debra Kayewill present 'Shrinking' on text by Barbara Kaye.


Full list of composers / performers:

Roger Blanc, Kitty Brazelton, John Chang, Sishel Claverie, Charles Coleman, Dan Cooper,

Luis D'Elias, Zachary & Franny Gindi-Chiafullo, Arthur Dibble, Robert C. Ford, Debra Kaye,

Howie Kenty, Henny Kim, Andrés Marín, Hayley Lam, Peri Mauer, Carman Moore, Lia Pikus,

Gene Pritsker, Cheryl Pyle, Jay Rodriguez, Jay Rozen, Will Rowe, Steve Sandberg, Mina Sukovic,

Stephanie Susberich, Elias Swift, Emre Tetik, Benjamin Yarmolinsky.


All four festival concerts will also be live-streamed on Composers Concordance's Facebook Page. Celebrating the Big Apple’s most eclectic new music series with a myriad of brazen new compositions, The ‘CompCord @ 40’ festival is not to be missed!

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