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Using Biometric Technology on Smartphone in Technology

Using Biometric Technology on Smartphone

Using Biometric Technology on Smartphone

Speaking of inventions in the field of computers, as time goes by there are inventions that were very unique and will certainly help humans in doing different kinds of work. Not only helps you work, but computers also help reduce the time of employment. If you usually do something very old, then with a computer you can do things more simply. The latest technology and the most advanced computer that is mandatory for you to know one of them is a biometric technology

Have you ever heard of biometric technology? This is the latest technology that can be applied on the computer. This advanced technology was invented by one of the largest computer company called Intel. This technology is similar to Apple's technology that is used to authorize a credit card when making payments with Apple Pay.

Fingerprint recognition (fingerprint recognition) is one of the technologies most widely used biometric. Apple iPhone 5S released in September last count on a new home button which include fingerprint recognition technology to unlock the phone. One of the products of HTC also has this function. Likewise, the third largest smartphone manufacturer in Korea, Pantech, which developed the fingerprint recognition technology itself that is displayed on the new smartphones.

CrucialTec, a leading provider of input devices of mobile Optical Track Pad (OTP), the largest in the world, headquartered in Suwon, South Korea, for handset manufacturers such as Research In Motion (now BlackBerry), Samsung, LG, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Pantech, has also developed a Biometric Trackpad (BTP), which is a function penngenalan fingerprint sensor technology with the addition of OTP technology Optical Trackpad CrucialTec and improvement of the status of life in general by providing not only the hardware that has been optimized but also related solutions. CrucialTec is one of 36 companies belonging to the Partner Program of Tizen Association.

1. How to Work

  • Samsung Galaxy 5 and the Apple iPhone 5S using a biometric sensor on the home button.
  • swiping a finger a few times and enter the password as a backup, if not detected due to wet or greasy fingers.
  • fingerprint information day filmed in the phone.
  • to unlock, swipe a finger into the home.

2. Function

  • Security, replaces password authentication with the sweep of a finger.
  • Financial Transactions can now be used as autentiffikasi purchase at Apple's iTunes store. While Samsung worked together to make a payment through PayPal.
  • How Its security? In theory, the biometric system is more secure than using a 4-digit password. But, still no guarantee. Shortly after Apple sells the iPhone 5S, a German hacker group says it could penetrate the iPhone 5S fingerprint system.

3. Risk

  •  Apple's Touch ID scans only skin "sub epidermal", without mentioning the sub dermal capabilities. That is, the capacitive sensor on the iPhone 5s only advanced embedded in a device that captures high resolution images of the fingerprint sub-epidermal layer of the skin.
  • Implementation of biometrics Touch ID Apple only serves as an alternative option for the security code in addition to the user password.
  •  A group of hackers from the German Chaos Computer Club managed to break the security of Touch ID is only a matter of days after the launch of the iPhone 5s. They took fingerprints from a user, photographed from the surface of the glass, and then make the artificial fingerprint is placed on a thin film, then pressed on the original iPhone with a finger to open.