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Oil Stains – How to Remove from Your Driveway

Oil Stains – How to Remove from Your Driveway
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Although an inconvenience, oil stains on the driveway tend to fool some into thinking they have struck oil, meaning infinite riches. Not the case, unfortunately. Oil stains are a standard bug that comes part and parcel with owning a car and there are forums all over the Internet about home remedies that are used to get rid of them. In this handy piece, have a read at some of the wonderful and bizarre suggestions to get that pesky slick off your path for good.

From the Fridge to the Driveway

One suggestion that crops up a lot is Coca-Cola. Whether rola-cola works to the same potential is unknown but the branded stuff tends to work a treat. It seems absurd that something that is consumed on a refreshment basis is used to clean your path – imagine what it could be doing to the stomach? Probably not cleaning it. The tip is to pour on the oil patch and leave overnight before washing away with water.

Mr Muscle Takes It All On!

Probably the most bizarre and improvised suggestion for removing oil off the driveway is oven cleaner. That’s right, oven cleaner! From the kitchen to the garden, Mr Muscle takes on pretty much every job you give him! The tip is to apply as much as you want or can, leaving it around 15 minutes to work its magic. Then, grab a stiff-bristled broom and scrub away like Cinderella with no invitation to the ball. What you’ll find is that oil stains have a nasty habit of cropping up even after clearing one off, so it would be handy to do this twice.

There are other suggestions such as common household detergents and even WD-40, but it might get to the point where professional assistance is required instead.

Do it Properly – Call in the Experts

Professional cleaning services are extremely handy for the tasks that are just too complex for a householder to tackle manually. Deep rooted oil stains, relevant to this piece, can be a lot trickier to remove and therefore a call to the experts might be necessary.

Services such as PowerCleanUK are specialists in this area, as they are with driveways in general. Therefore they have the know-how to get a driveway looking spotless in no time. Using high-tech pressure washers, not only can they remove oil stains as if they were shadows, but can also bring the remainder of the driveway up to a similar standard.

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