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  • Date 01-06-2023 - 25-06-2023
Visible Shop - Parts Without Cover, London, England, United Kingdom
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Visible Shop - Parts Without Cover
Event Date
01-06-2023 to 25-06-2023
London, England, United Kingdom
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London Design Biennale
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London Design Biennale
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London, England, United Kingdom

The Taiwan Pavilion proudly presents the "Visible Shop" exhibition from 1st June at Somerset House during London Design Biennale, 2023. The exhibition is jointly sponsored by Taiwan's Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, and Ministry of Culture. It is organised by the Taiwan Design Research Institute (TDRI), curated by Ling-Li Tseng, with overall design by Serendipity Studio and installation design by Loudly Lightning.

Following their huge success at London Design Biennale, 2021, the Taiwan Pavilion team seeks to represent Taiwan's identity by once again combining the ideas of culture and technology to develop a concept which not only reflects but also resonates "The Global Games Remapping Collaboration" theme of London Design Biennale 2023. "Visible Shop" represents Taiwan's status as one of the most important trade hubs in the world, and Taiwan's role as an indispensable part of the global manufacturing supply chain due to its unique geographical location and technological capabilities.

Ling-Li Tseng, the curator of "Visible Shop", specialises in evoking dialogues between artificiality and nature, with a quest for invention and technology which is reflected in the techniques she employs in her work. She has defined "Visible" as:

1.Visible Distance
Taiwan's industrial clusters are located near each other, and the short supply chain economy demonstrated great operational advantages during the pandemic. In addition, Taiwan's manufacturing industry overlaps with residential areas, which creates a lively energy and dynamic in society.

2.Visible Individuality
Taiwan's economy largely relies on small and medium-sized enterprises. These individual companies work with each other in highly collaborative and precise ways, as if drawn to function together through an invisible magnetism. They can work together as a whole while still retaining their visible, clearly-defined individual identities. These visible components make up the representation of the diversity of Taiwan.

3.Visible Liberty
Taiwan's bottom-up industrial structure has developed a positive social atmosphere. Taiwan is a democratic country, and its freedoms are reflected in its legalisation of same-sex marriage, the high proportion of female leaders in both the public sector and commercial settings, and its abundant design inventiveness.

Through the creation of the "Visible Shop", Ling-Li, Tseng interprets these ideas by using programmed sets of electromagnets to demonstrate how each individual in Taiwan operates so precisely that when they work together as a whole, it forms the basis of an efficient national economy. At difficult times such as the covid pandemic, they are able to pull together to overcome the challenge.

"Visible Shop" celebrates Taiwan's unique economy of small and medium-sized enterprises, which are energetic, dynamic and vigorous. Despite being a small island, Taiwan plays an irreplaceable role in the global manufacturing supply chain. Its unique location and geographical characteristics have contributed to the physically scattered nature of Taiwan's economy, which enabled remarkable social and manufacturing resilience during difficult situations such as the pandemic.

Incorporating a metal supply area and a workshop, the Taiwan Pavilion's installation showcases the collaborative nature of industries in Taiwan, and outlines the diversity of business. Interactive activities are available at the Magnetic Table in the Pavilion, which allows the audience to use their creativity. The unique hand-drawn visuals and videos which feature Taiwan's natural beauty not only bring the concepts to life, but also create an impressive immersive experience for the audience.

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