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Excel - Become a Power User-Virtual Boot Camp (3 Hours) - online live webinar on December 2017 by Training Doyens

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Excel - Become a Power User-Virtual Boot Camp (3 Hours)

Excel - Become a Power User-Virtual Boot Camp (3 Hours), Denver, Colorado, United States
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Excel - Become a Power User-Virtual Boot Camp (3 Hours)
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Denver, Colorado, United States

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Training Doyens
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Training Doyens
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Denver, Colorado, United States

Do you know that Excel helped Microsoft achieve the position of leading PC software developer? Undoubtedly, Excel is an amazing tool that helps business professionals in myriad efficient ways. If you want to exploit its full potential by taking your introductory knowledge to the next level, here’s an intensive boot camp that would help you become a power user.

About Training Doyens
Based in Colorado, Training Doyens organizes world class webinars and seminars, providing training solutions to companies big and small. Training Doyens offers affordable pricing and customization for any budget.


This is a 100% example-based comprehensive training with special focus on speed, automation and efficiency (the keys to becoming a power-user). Session highlights include…

  • Data entry shortcuts including Transpose, AutoFill and Flash Fill
  • Taking Find and Replace to the next level
  • Automating cell formatting with Conditional Formatting
  • Creating and managing dynamic ranges
  • Pivot Table Power Tips
  • Creating charts
  • Heat maps and other data visualizations
  • Using data across worksheets
  • Using protection to "bullet-proof" your spreadsheets
  • VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions
  • IF and other "Logic" functions
  • Creating a basic macro to automate a task


  • You should attend this training if you need to use Excel to quickly build reports and summaries or if you simply want to learn how to create Pivot Tables to improve your knowledge of Excel.
  • You don't have to be proficient in the use of Excel to attend. If you can create basic worksheets and can copy and paste and apply basic formatting to cells, you’ll be able to follow along.


  • Accountants
  • CPAs
  • CFOs
  • Financial consultants
  • Controllers
  • Banking
  • Finance
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Telecom
  • IT
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Investments
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Medical Devices
  • FDA
  • Aviation
  • Energy
  • Retail
  • Human Resource
  • Logistics & Supply Chain
  • Accounts
  • Audit

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Mike Thomas has worked in the IT training business since 1989. He is a subject matter expert in a range of technologies including Microsoft Office and Apple Mac. In 2012, he founded theexceltrainer.co.uk where he has produced nearly 200 written and video-based Excel tutorials. He has recorded several Excel training courses for pluralsight.com and in his career delivered hundreds of courses and webinars on a variety of Excel topics.

Mr. Thomas is a Fellow of The Learning and Performance Institute and has worked with and for a large number of global and UK-based companies and organizations across a diverse range of sectors. In addition to training, he also designs and develops Microsoft Office-based solutions that automate key business tasks and processes.

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Get advanced Excel training that focuses on the power of pivot tables and its use in business intelligence and data analysis.

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Live Session for one participant $349 Corporate Live Session Group – Max 10 Participants from one location. $949 Recorded Session Get unlimited access to audio recording of the webinar for 6 months. $449 Training CD MP3 files, PDF presentation and reference manual will be delivered on a CD $499 Super Combo Offer 1 Live and Recorded webinar $599 Super Combo Offer 2 Live and Training CD $649
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