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online advance bird watching class

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online advance bird watching class
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Tyler, Texas, United States

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Tyler, Texas, United States

Online Advance bird watching class May 28th


1.Learn how to identify gulls.

2.Learn importance of migration pattern of birds.

3.Learn why they migrate, when they migrate and migration navigation.

4.Learn about birds Migration threats

5.Learn how to identify wild bird eggs, why only look at distance at bird eggs, why egg identification matters.

6.Learn history of the Sage Grouse and what makes them unique upland game bird.

7.Learn how and how not to photograph a Golden Eagle.

8.Learn the five handy tricks for photographing raptors in flight.

9.Learn how to identify hummingbirds, by appearance, By Behavior, and by territory.

10.Learn how to identify warblers by sight, and other ways to identify warblers.

11.Learn How to identifying black birds by behavior, color pattern, and by habitat.

12.Learn why birds select sage brush communities.

13.Learn about different sagebrush associate in desert for birds and shrub canopy cover which dictates the occurrence of birds.

14.Also learn why shrub height is strong predictor for bird species occurrence and abundance.

15.Learn Nesting periods of common sagebrush birds.

16.How to identify shorebirds by sight and other way identify shore birds.

17.Learn how to identify flycatchers by sight and how to identify by other ways.

18.Learn how to tell house finches and purple finches apart.

19.Learn how to identify swallows by sight and other ways.

20.How to identify a birds nest.

21.Learn how to identify birds by their diet and also learn bird diet types.

22.Learn why the Clark’s nutcracker caches seeds.

23.Learn what to do when you find a rare bird.

24. How Birds Learn to Identify Threats


$ 75.00 per adult $18.00 per child and $100.00 per group

contact [email protected] or call me at 208-351-3407

my class will be on google class I will give you code for the class

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$ 75.00 per adult $18.00 per child and $100.00 per group
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