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online 72 hour kit class 3

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online 72 hour kit class 3
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Lindale, Texas, United States

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online community ed and in person classes
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Lindale, Texas, United States

online 72 hour kit class June 13th


1.MRE’s are good

2. A rock works as a hammer – good thing!

3.Emergency fire starters are not fast fire starters

4.A cell phone is a very poor clock

5.Bring required medicines

6. A dead cactus makes a bad cooking fire

7.Gloves are important

8.Redundant cutting tools are important

9. Solid fuel stoves will not heat a pint of water to a rolling boil in 8 minutes, despite the claims by the manufacturer.

10. Powdered Gatorade is wonderful for quenching thirst and restoring energy.

11.Rolled up clothes do not make a comfortable pillow

12. A shemagh is a great pillow case and Shemaghs help keep you warm at night and cool in the day.

13.A folded shemagh

14. Two person tents aren’t

15. Water consumption will vary

16. A 16 oz wide-mouth plastic bottle

17. Transpiration bags need to be large and secured with paracord.

18. MRE‘s heat quickly (10-15 minutes) in full sunlight but not on cloudy days.

19. Newspaper has multiple uses

20. Ensure your scissors and knives are sharp before you leave.

21. Setting up camp takes longer than you think

22. Instant coffee and hot chocolate can be pre-mixed and vacuum sealed using a FoodSaver.

23. Pack a change of underwear and an extra long-sleeve shirt.

24.Casio makes a watch that has a built in digital compass

25. Bring small tubes of sunblock and Lansinoh

26. MOLLE packs may be slightly less comfortable than a $200-300 backpack, but…

27. Pack an army surplus poncho

28. After much reading and deliberating, I purchased a 10 liter (2.5 gal) Dromedary.

29. Speaking of rope, don’t carry 50 feet of rope like many sites suggest.

30. Minimize your cooking utensils

31. Test your medical kit

32.You need to build your stamina and cardiac condition on a daily basis to survive an evacuation.

33.Periodically check your BOB (Bug Out Bag) and your GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge) kits.

34. Pack your kit for the most probable mission/scenario

35. Flashlight

36.Emergency two-way radio

37. Extra batteries

38.Dust mask

39. BiC Lighter

40. Tent

41. Toiletries

42. Change of clothes

43. Underwear

44. Cash

45. Infant needs

46. Duct tape

47. Whistle

48. Hatchet

49. Sleeping bag


51. Shovel

52. Bug repellant

53. Disposable camera

54. Other things to consider

55. 72 Hour Emergency Food Kit


$33.00 per adult and $7.00 per child and $53.00 per group and family

Contact [email protected] or call me at 208-351-3407

my class will be on google class I will give you code for the class

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$33.00 per adult and $7.00 per child and $53.00 per group and family
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dallin saurey

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