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Create Polls,Surveys,Quizzes Quickly and Easily | Pollingwiz - Business in Bristol Bay, Alaska, United States on December 2017 by Pollingwiz.

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Create Polls,Surveys,Quizzes Quickly and Easily | Pollingwiz

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Create Polls,Surveys,Quizzes Quickly and Easily | Pollingwiz
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07-12-2017 to 08-12-2017
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Bristol Bay, Alaska, United States

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Both (Technical & Non Technical)
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Bristol Bay, Alaska, United States

Poll Everywhere powers interactive meetings, events, and classes around the world

Ask the audience a question. Then Watch as the Chart updates automatically with their responses.

Creating questions for live interaction:

Choose from a large variety of poll activities, including multiple choice, open response, live word clouds, clickable images, up- and down-voting for Q&A, and rank order. Questions can be written in almost any language and can include images, LaTeX syntax (for formulas)

Inviting the audience to respond:

Participants can respond using any device. They can go to a customizable web address or send a text message to participate.Poll Everywhere supports international use with response instructions in 30 languages, along with international texting numbers.

Viewing the results:

Customize the look and feel of the live chart with color, font, and image options. You can display live results from any web browser.

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Create and share Polls at will! An online polling system with great analytics. Create polls, survey, and quiz. Get inputs from your audiences! Allows you to embed polls on your own site. Create an account for a record of all the polls you created.

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