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Airbnb Smart Hosting Seminar - York

Airbnb Smart Hosting Seminar - York, York, United Kingdom
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Airbnb Smart Hosting Seminar - York
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York, United Kingdom

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Connie Chan
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Non Technical
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York, United Kingdom

Seminar tutorial for those who are interested in short-term letting property management. Presented to you by Pass the Keys, Airbnb professional co-hosts. This event will be in York and is FREE.

HEY you're looking summertime fine but is your rental income? Pass the Keys "Airbnb Smart Hosting Seminar" in York 2019 is here to help you!

"It's money week, each week,
Because summer season is peak,
Come to this seminar, the opportunity is unique,
We'll answer all your questions, don't miss-peak!"
That's right, short-term lets are at their highest peak during summer! With Airbnb quickly gaining traction in York, it indicates the perfect time to increase your rental income! York has been an important centre of population for over 2,000 years and is voted as Britain's most popular city. Seven millions of visitors coming to the city each year, short-term accommodation is in high demand in York. This seminar hosted by Pass the Keys will give you a unique insight into the short-term letting world and how to earn on Airbnb in 2019. Having successfully hosted thousands of Airbnb guests and managing properties on behalf of hosts in York, we can provide you with helpful tips to maximise your income. We can also help you with an income estimate and information on our management services.

Who is this for?
Property owners who are interested in learning more about Airbnb and short-term rentals in general. You might be new to the world of Airbnb, or you might be a veteran looking to keep your skills sharp. From all angles, we can help!

What will you learn?
We will share our experiences and tell you about our Airbnb host management services, making it easy for you to rent out your property. We will share case studies of current hosts and tell you how to use the most up to date designing tips to optimise your home for Airbnb rentals and make the most out of it.
We are very excited to meet you at Middletons Hotel York and look forward to the event!
Accessibility to convenient car parking spaces via Cromwell Road.

In order for us to keep these events free then please avoid dropping out at the last minute. Thank you very much!

Time: 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm.

Category: Classes / Courses | Lifestyle, Arts, Leisure.


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Middletons Hotel, The Sawmill Room, Skeldergate  Pin/Zip Code : YO1 6DS
Pass the Keys

[email protected]