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Short Course on Critical Infrastructure (Crit-Is) Energy Supply

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Short Course on Critical Infrastructure (Crit-Is) Energy Supply
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01-07-2020 to 03-07-2020
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Ashurst, Hampshire, United Kingdom

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Wessex Institute
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Wessex Institute
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Ashurst, Hampshire, United Kingdom

The aim of this course is to introduce energy systems into the infrastructure. Water and food supply, transportation, governments, administrations, health, internet, communication channels, manufacturing of goods, the banking and other sectors essentially depend on energy. Without energy, all these infrastructures cannot be operated. Hence, the energy sector is today’s most critical infrastructure (Crit-Is). A failure in parts of the energy sector results in negative impact on other infrastructure systems - and may result in situations of disaster.

Oil is still a key energy source for the world, but many countries are highly dependent on imports. In the 1970s, our planet felt this slightly for the first time (OPEC supply reduction). Is it better today? What happens, if the USA-Iran conflict escalates? Up to now, the UCTE (Continental European) electricity grid has been one of the most reliable grids in the world. Ever since about two years, instabilities are observed. Investigations uncovered that a break-down would result in war-like consequences for the population. Are there options to avoid such effects?

The course provides a deep insight on the whole energy system, how it works, the nature of risks and vulnerability. The reasons of potential failures are illuminated as well as the consequences of such incidents and the dramatic impacts on the civilized world. The course will also cover methods of reducing existing risks and provide security approaches as well as measures of mitigation.

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