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Assertiveness Training Course - 17th February 2020 - Impact Factory London

Assertiveness Training Course - 17th February 2020 - Impact Factory London, London, United Kingdom
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Assertiveness Training Course - 17th February 2020 - Impact Factory London
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London, United Kingdom

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Impact Factory
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Both (Technical & Non Technical)
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London, United Kingdom

The original "too nice for your own good" assertiveness course.

The course focuses on making choices, including understanding that you have more choice than you think. 

It's a practical course which will help you feel more confident in your ability to deal with pushy people.

We look at how you can make easy changes in your behaviour so that you will no longer feel pressured into doing things you’d rather not.

The idea is to feel better about saying no without having to change who you are.

Course Objectives:

Dealing with Feelings
Setting Boundaries
Giving Clear Messages
Closing Conversations
Increased Confidence
Tools You Can Use
Difficult People and Situations
The Art of Saying No
Moving Things Forward
Managing Conflict

What Our Clients Say:

"Being part of the assertiveness course was like a different world, one that I have since made sure I am actively living in. So thank you, I have recommended it to almost all friends and colleagues."

 Farah Hasson - Policy Support Officer - Consumer Council for Water

"It was a fantastic day and very useful. I have been busy putting my training into practice. In fact, a colleague commented that I was ‘very assertive (but in a good way)’ in a meeting with some senior managers last week!"

Joanne Lewsley - Editor - Content Consultants

"The course opened my eyes to a lot of new ideas.  I am really excited about the impact these are already having on my life. I loved the format of it. Instead of a lecture, we got to play: enter different situations and try out various roles, attitudes and mental states in them. Speak of impact..."

Radoslava Leseva - Software Developer - DiaDraw

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Time: 9:30 am - 5:00 pm Brochure:

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One Day Course: GBP 495.00
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Impact Factory | Professional Development | Training and Courses, 52 Upper Street, London, UK  Pin/Zip Code : N1 0QH
Paula Hector

[email protected]