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15th International Conference on Structures under Shock and Impact in Seville, Spain on June 2018 by Wessex Institute of Technology

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15th International Conference on Structures under Shock and Impact

15th International Conference on Structures under Shock and Impact, Seville, Spain
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15th International Conference on Structures under Shock and Impact
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04-06-2018 to 06-06-2018
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Seville, Spain

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Wessex Institute of Technology
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Structures under Shock and Impact
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Architecture/Interior Designing

Seville, Spain

The increasing need to protect civilian infrastructure and industrial facilities against unintentional loads arising from accidental impact and explosion events as well as a terrorist attack is reflected in the sustained interest in the SUSI meetings over three decades. While advances have been made over this period, nevertheless many challenges remain, such as to develop more effective and efficient blast and impact mitigation approaches than currently exist. The primary focus remains the survivability of physical facilities and the protection of people, as well as reducing economic losses and impact on the environment, with emphasis on innovative protective technologies to support the needs of an economically growing, modern society. The application of this technology ranges from the safe transportation of people in several modes and the transportation of dangerous or combustible materials to defences against natural hazard threats such as flood, wind, storm, tsunami and earthquake.


Impact and blast loading, Energy absorbing issues, Computational and experimental results, Response of reinforced concrete under impact, Response of building to blast, Seismic behaviour, Protection of existing structures, Industrial accidents and explosions, Hazard mitigation and assessment, Security issues, Dynamic analysis of composite structures, Vehicle impact, Ballistics analysis, Dynamic material behaviour, Structural design against multipole based activities, Fluid structure interaction

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