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6th International Conference on Flood and Urban Water Management in A Coruña, Spain on May 2018 by Wessex Institute of Technology

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6th International Conference on Flood and Urban Water Management

6th International Conference on Flood and Urban Water Management, A Coruña, Spain
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6th International Conference on Flood and Urban Water Management
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23-05-2018 to 25-05-2018
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A Coruña, Spain

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Wessex Institute of Technology
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Flood and Urban Water Management
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A Coruña, Spain

FRIAR seeks to develop an improved understanding of emerging flood risk management and urban water management challenges, drawing on the expertise of numerous disciplines and considering a range of responses. The conference provides a rich forum for the development of innovative solutions that can help bring about multiple benefits toward achieving integrated flood risk and urban water management strategies and policy.

The meeting is aimed to attract researchers, academics and practitioners actively involved in improving our understanding of urban water systems and flood events. It will bring together social scientists, surveyors, engineers, scientists, and other professionals from many countries involved in research and development activities in a wide range of technical and management topics related to urban water and flooding and its impacts on communities, property and people.


Floods, Flood risk management, Flood warning and forecasting, Flood response and recovery, Flood risk adaptation, Flood protection, Flood modelling, Flood mitigation, Flood vulnerability, Urban flooding, Flood risk assessment, Coastal flooding, Climate change impact, Flood damage assessment, Socio and economic impact, Emergency planning, Blue-green infrastructure, Resilient approaches, Flood case studies, Catchment based approaches, Natural flood management, Urban Water Systems, Water supply networks, Leakage and losses, Modelling and experimentation, Safety and security of water systems, Water quality, Water savings and reuse, Waste water treatment and reuse, Urban drainage systems, Flood control, Storm water management, Watershed management, Urban strategies, Structural works and infrastructure, Maintenance and repairs, Sustainable urban drainage systems (SuDs)

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Meliá Maria Pita Hotel Avda. Pedro Barrie de la Maza, 3 A Coruña, Spain.