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Nutrition Assessment and Survey using ENA/ EPIINFO Course - Training Class in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya on March 2018 by IRES - Indepth Research Services. Training courses, course.

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Nutrition Assessment and Survey using ENA/ EPIINFO Course

Nutrition Assessment and Survey using ENA/ EPIINFO Course, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya
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Nutrition Assessment and Survey using ENA/ EPIINFO Course
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12-03-2018 to 16-03-2018
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Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

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IRES - Indepth Research Services
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Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya

Event: Nutrition Assessment and Survey using ENA/ EPIINFO Course

Venue: Indepth Research Services, Nairobi, Kenya.

Event Date: 12th -16th March 2018



Despite all efforts undertaken both nationally and internationally, poor nutritional status is still a fundamental cause of most non-communicable diseases and shortened life-span. The nutritional assessment and survey is done to obtain information about the prevalence and geographic distribution of nutritional disorders within a community or a specified population group. It can also be used to identify high-risk groups and to assess the role of different epidemiological factors in nutritional deficiency.

There are mainly two software programs used in nutrition assessments and surveys; ENA and EpiInfo. ENA analytical program has automated functions for sample size calculations, sample selection, quality checks, standardization for anthropometry measurements, and report generation with automatic analyses. It facilitates survey planning, data collection, analysis and reporting with the ability to generate automatic standard tables and graphs for anthropometric indices and plausibility check reports. On the other hand EpiInfo contains a module for making questionnaires and has much more sophisticated statistical functions. The software’s can also be combined to ENA/EpiInfo software which combines the advantages of both systems.


5 days


This is an intermediate course targeting participants with basic knowledge of Nutrition. It is recommended to project officers’ implementing nutrition projects, researchers, epidemiologist and students.


By the end of the training, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the importance of nutrition assessments and survey
  • Understand the basic anthropometric techniques application and reference standards
  • Gain a general knowledge on how to install and work with ENA software
  • Gain a general knowledge on how to install and work with EpiInfo software
  • Program data entry forms
  • Produce automated analyses of key mortality and nutrition indicators
  • Conduct automated plausibility and data quality checks
  • Generate reports that include results of these automated analyses.
  • Install and work with ENA/EpiInfo Software


  • Introduction
  • Introduction to ENA Software
  • Introduction of EpiInfo Software
  • ENA/EpiInfo Software
  • Working With ENA/EpiInfo Software

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