Aging Conference , Rejuvenation Conference Rome, Rome Conference 2017

Aging and Rejuvenation Conference in Rome, Italy on September 2018 by Aging and Rejuvenation.Aging Conference , Rejuvenation Conference Rome, Rome Conference 2017

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Aging and Rejuvenation Conference

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Aging and Rejuvenation Conference
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06-09-2018 to 08-09-2018
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Rome, Italy

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Aging and Rejuvenation
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Geriatrics,Gerontotlogy,Human Development
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Non Technical
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Rome, Italy

Aging and Rejuvenation Conference will take place in the gorgeous city of Rome, Italy during September 6-8, 2018 and the theme of the conference is "A Road to Lifelong Health"

Aging and Rejuvenation Conference is an excellent opportunity to network with a concentrated, yet diverse number of aging professionals and volunteers. We will learn about programs and ideas that address strategies and solutions to serve our seniors in our ever-changing environment.

The mission of the Aging and Rejuvenation Conference is to represent agencies and other professionals in the field of aging who provide home and community based services and advocate for quality programs, which enable older adults and their families to live as independently as possible.

Taking advantage of the unique offerings of Rome, the legacy of the Roman Empire is extensive, witnessed from the preservation of the Pantheon, considered one of the finest surviving temples of antiquity, to the impressive Colosseum, an amphitheater that hosted gladiatorial combat and other spectacles. Ancient city walls, triumphal arches, public meeting places, churches, and palaces are scattered throughout Rome. With an extraordinary wealth of artwork, Rome is a major world center for creative study and performing art! 

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Not Mention
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Holiday Inn Rome Pisana Via della Pisana, 374, 00163 Roma RM, Italy  Pin/Zip Code : 00163
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