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Robotics Internship Bengaluru

Robotics Internship  Bengaluru, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
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Robotics Internship Bengaluru
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Training or Development Class
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15-03-2018 to 30-06-2018
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

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Avian Aerospace
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Engineering and Technology
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Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Learning includes

  •   Introduction to Robotics
  •   Sub-categories of Robotics
  •   Making your own Robot
  •   Selecting the body based on size and material
  •   Selection of control board (Microcontrollers)
  •   Understanding motors and actuators
  •   Choice of Sensors
  •   Integration of sensors in the system
  •   Modes of control for the Robot
  •   Remote control/ App Control
  •   Autonomous (sensor based control or image processing)
  •   App development
  •   Testing the Robot
  •   Developing the Robot for real-time applications
  • Our lab has a 3D printer facility also.

Expectations from Interns @ Avian

  • We take up interns based on the passion they have towards technology and on few other qualities as listed
  •   Independent and self-driven
  •   Good communicator
  •   Innovative
  •   Enthusiastic to learn
  •   Basic subject knowledge- NOT there? NO PROBLEM. You are coming here to learn!

Duration of Internship

The company is offering internships for flexible durations keeping in mind the curriculum.

  1 week

  2 weeks

  3 weeks

  1 month

Who can participate?

  •   Engineering students from any stream any year
  •   Diploma Students from any stream any year
  •   Anyone who has interest in Robotics

How to Apply?

  •   Choose the duration and get the payment details from us
  •   Pay via credit/debit card or NEFT or IMPS or Direct Deposit
  •   Visit the company website go to corresponding internship page and click on duration, make the payment
  •   Once payment is done send the payment receipt and registration form
  •   We will send a confirmation mail

Payment Links

One Week      : 

Two Weeks    : 

Three Weeks : 

One Month    : 

Registration Fees
Not Mention
Registration Ways
38, 4th floor, SMS Arcade, Horamavu, Bengaluru  Pin/Zip Code : 560043
Opp to Medall Clinic
Jithin Asok