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Self-Actualized Leadership Seminar (Free Registration) in Central Delhi, Delhi, India on November 2017 by Defined Values Consultants | Self Actualized Leadership Seminar | Leadership Seminar

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Self-Actualized Leadership Seminar (Free Registration)

Self-Actualized Leadership Seminar (Free Registration), Central Delhi, Delhi, India
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Self-Actualized Leadership Seminar (Free Registration)
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Central Delhi, Delhi, India

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Defined Values Consultants
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Central Delhi, Delhi, India

Venue: Hotel Mapple Express, A-60, Kailash Colony (near Kailash Colony Metro Station, close to Pillar No. 90), New Delhi - 110048, India. 

Who should participate and Why?

  • People who have identified the Final Purpose of their life or are actively seeking the same; and wish to have the support and guidance of an organized system to actualize their potential into tangible leadership work.
  • Spiritual seekers who want to realize the spiritual wisdom through a completely rational model.
  • People seeking an end to corruption, inflation, recession, choked cities, political turmoil, communal disharmony, and last but not the least the drastic effects of Global Warming.
  • Seasoned leaders wishing to become a spiritual mentor/guru.

Program Schedule

1. Registration and Networking (30 minutes)

              (You can Network with DVTN Seminar Participants, SALN Seminar Participants and Members of SALN, DVBN and DVTN during this break)

2. Introduction of participants and Self-Actualized Leadership Network members (15 minutes)

           By Mr. Deepak Kumar Singh

              Vice President - Defined Values Business Network Network, TV Anchor, Director - SpeakFirst (Spoken English Institute) and Activity Expert 

3. Why do we need leaders and how critical it is to achieve Self-Actualization for leaders? (30 minutes)

           By Mr. Hitesh Chandel
              Managing Director & Chief Mentor – Defined Values Consultants, Founder – Self-Actualized Leadership Network,

              Self-Realized Mentorship Network, Defined Values Trainers Network, Defined Values Business Network

              Author – Award winning book Code of Citizen’s Conduct; and Self-Actualized Leadership Development Program

4. Blueprint of Building Highly Effective Organizations (60 minutes)          - By Mr. Hitesh Chandel

5. Q & A with Chief Mentor of Defined Values Consultants (15 minutes)

Registration Fee: Free

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How to register? Fill Form 1 on the You will receive a confirmation through SMS, Phone Call and an Email from our Customer Relations Officer, subject to availability of seat. For queries related to Seminar, please contact or call us at 9810375146.

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Hotel Mapple Express, A-60, Kailash Colony (near Kailash Colony Metro Station, Close to Pillar No. 90), New Delhi, Delhi, India.  Pin/Zip Code : 110048
Near Metro Pillar no 90
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Hitesh Chandel