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Self-Actualized Leadership Seminar 55th Edition (Free Registration)

Self-Actualized Leadership Seminar  55th Edition (Free Registration), Faridabad, Haryana, India
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Self-Actualized Leadership Seminar 55th Edition (Free Registration)
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Faridabad, Haryana, India

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Defined Values Consultants
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Both (Technical & Non Technical)
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Faridabad, Haryana, India

Program Schedule

1. Registration, Settling Down and Introduction of Participants (15 minutes)

           By Mr. Deepak Kumar Singh

              Vice President - Defined Values Business Network, TV Anchor, Director - SpeakFirst (Spoken English Institute) and Activity Expert 

2. What is Self-Actualization and why it is critical for unleashing our leadership potential? (60 minutes)

         By Mr. Hitesh Chandel
            Managing Director & Chief Mentor – Defined Values Consultants,

          Author – Award winning book Code of Citizen’s Conduct; and Self-Actualized Leadership Development Program

3. Vision of Project YugParivartan and what is in it for you? (90 minutes)

         By Mr. Hitesh Chandel

4. Q & A with Mr. Hitesh Chandel (15 minutes)

Learning Objectives:

  • To make people aware of their Self Actualized Leadership Potential and the impact of taking decisions from Self-Actualized state of self-awareness on self and others.
  • To explain the blueprint of highly effective organizations and how to build such systems.
  • To explain the difference between Emotional Intelligence Vs Rational Intelligence Vs Spiritual Intelligence.

Target Audience:

  • True Leadership seekers
  • Rational Spiritual Wisdom Seekers
  • CEOs, Directors and Heads of companies
  • HR, L&D and BD Professionals
  • Freelance Professionals
  • Seekers of organized and well-directed professional networking platform

Collaboration Opportunities after the Seminar participation (based on eligibility):

  • Development of Self-Actualized Leadership Potential
  • Mission Networking platform to empower yourself for grand leadership position.
  • Affiliating your company with Defined Values Group, if you find it worthwhile to aggregate your services with the Project YugParivartan vision.
  • Opportunities to Aggregate your training offerings with our vertical, Defined Values Trainers Network.
  • Opportunity to Aggregate your company with our Defined Values Business Networking platform.
  • Become part of our Marketing team on revenue sharing basis.

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How to register? Fill the Form You will receive a confirmation through SMS, Phone Call and an Email from our Customer Relations Officer, subject to availability of seat. For queries related to Seminar, please contact or call us at 9810375146. Registration Fee: Free

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Hotel Saffron Kiran, 12/6, NH-2, Sarai Khwaja, (near Sarai Metro Station), Faridabad, Haryana - 121003  Pin/Zip Code : 121003
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Hitesh Chandel