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01-06-2019 to 03-06-2019
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Munich, Berlin, Germany

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Yobitel Communications
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Cloud Native Department
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Both (Technical & Non Technical)
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Business Development

Computer Science

Munich, Berlin, Germany

The Cloud Native Services Transformation 2019 is a technology transformation event aggregating Technology Leaders, Industry Experts, Service Providers, Enterprises, Entrepreneurs & Startups alongside with Business Leaders who are interested in shaping their organization's future into Cloud Native Services - containers, applications, microservices, serverless, continuous delivery and cloud-native orchestration grouping together in a single box solution to achieve Multi/Hybrid Container Automation on a production scale and showcasing the full range of potential real-time possibilities in cloud-native ecosystem. We make the participants professionally train, deliver and express themselves during the part of this event.

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Technology Leaders                      Industry Experts

Service Providers                          Enterprises & Startups

Business Leaders                         Software Champions


Technology                                    Workshop

Business Transformation              VIP Dinner

No of Seat - 60

(Limited seats only available)




Day 1: Saturday, June 1, 2019

08:00: Registration & Badge Collection

09:00: Break Fast + Coffee

09:30: Introduction - Cloud Native Service Transformation

08:30: Keynote: Importance of reshaping the enterprises with Cloud-Native architectures and future ready Cloud Native applications

10:15: Building Kubernetes Orchestration with CNCF community tools

10:45: Coffee + Tea Break

11:00: Building Cloud Native Applications and creating Self Container Repository

11:30: CNI Network Automation, Multicluster Gateway & Workload Load balancing optimization

12:00: Container Multicluster service mesh deployments & Route policy Traffic Management with Istio  

12:30: Container Performance & Stability Management - Micro benchmarking, testing, Horizontal auto-scaling

13:00: Lunch

14:00: Multi-Cloud Cluster Management

Multicluster Management & application deployment

Kubernetes workload Migration & Container Orchestration

16:00: Log System Management & Analysis

16:30: Continuous log monitoring pipeline setup - Data Collection, Data Aggregation & Processing, Indexing & Storage, Vizualization

17:15: End of Day Note: 3 reasons to go Cloud Native

17:40: Summary

Day 2: Sunday, June 2, 2019

08:30: Break Fast + Coffee

09:00: Keynote:

09:30: Cloud Native Storage - Provisioning Storage, High Availability & Multi-Tenancy

10:10: Cloud Native application Orchestration - Helm chart repository & Lifecycle Hook Management

10:35: Helm Templates & Pipelines, Flow control, Deploying CI/CD package manager with Helm & Wrecker  

11:00: Coffee + Tea Break

11:15: Managing Enterprise ready Serverless Cloud Native Orchestration

11:45: Cloud Native Container DevSecOps - Continuous Security

Microservices & Serverless Firewall for Kubernetes & Cloud Providers - AWS GKE AKS with continuous development to production security

Microsegmentation of Microservices workload security policy, Dynamic Auditing & Telemetry container security

11:45:Lunch + Coffee

14:00: Cloud Native Container DevOps - Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing, Continuous Delivery pipelines for Kubernetes Clusters  

14:45: Continuous Monitoring & Troubleshooting with Prometheus, Grafana, Istio - Kiali   

15:05: Continuous App/API/Database/Microservice Monitoring & Auto discovery

15:30: Cloud Native Microservices Service Discovery, Mapping & Migration

16:00: Multicluster Optimization and Architecture best practice scenarios & use cases

16:10: Business Value Proposition & TCO/TVO long run comparison for Cloud Native scenarios

16:30: Cloud Native business continuity plan and business impact analysis

17:00: Future Cloud Native Transformation Roadmap

17:30: Break

18:30 - 21:00: VIP Dinner + Networking

Day 3: Monday, June 3 , 2019

10:45:  Refreshments - Coffee + Tea

11:00: Realtime Projects and Scenarios

11:25: Cloud Native Workshop

14:45: Summary


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Inviting Startups - SME's - Enterprises in one place to be a part of Cloud Native Service Transformation 2019. A game changing opportunity to meet 100+ internet companies to bring technology revolution.

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Cloud Native Event - $ 799 Workshop - $299
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