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Communication, passion, trust

Communication, passion, trust, Hamburg, Germany
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Communication, passion, trust
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Hamburg, Germany

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Pedram Moghaddam
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Pedram Moghaddam
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Non Technical
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Hamburg, Germany

Why doesn't my communication get through no matter what I do?
Why does it upset me when I don't get answers?
Why is love, closeness and passion suddenly gone?
How do I find them?

Why am I not being seen / not valued?
Why is it so difficult to rebuild trust? Or to trust again?

Can we ever get it back?

Pedram Moghaddam has been dealing with these questions for over 25 years.

As an experienced coach, award-winning speaker and most popular couple therapist in Hamburg (number one in Google search and recommended by Hamburger Abendblatt), he has specialized in this and is looking forward to sharing the most effective and successful innovations and tried and tested methods with you in a relaxed atmosphere.


Artist / Speaker: Pedram Moghaddam

Category: Attractions | Talks & Lectures

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Time: 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

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From two: EUR 27.0 Single: EUR 37.0 On the last pusher: EUR 47.0
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Couple therapy Hamburg intensive, Oehleckerring 26, Hamburg, 22419, germany 
Pedram Moghaddam

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