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6th International Conference and Exhibition on Natural Products and Medicinal Plants Research

6th International Conference and Exhibition on Natural Products and Medicinal Plants Research, Vienna, Austria
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6th International Conference and Exhibition on Natural Products and Medicinal Plants Research
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24-06-2019 to 25-06-2019
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Vienna, Austria

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Natural Products and Medicinal Plants
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Vienna, Austria

Natural Products Conference 2019 invites all the participants across the globe to attend the ‘’6th International Conference and Exhibition on Natural Products and Medicinal Plants Research” Medicinal Plants and Natural Products conveys recent discoveries and developments in Natural Drugs discovery and natural produced drugs. A complete knowledge of a scientific discipline that described the Marine drug discovery and development and Medicinal Plants and Natural Products now explores the use of Natural products in industry as well as healthcare.

Medicinal Plants and Natural Products 2019 is the chemistry of natural compounds is relatively unexplored and represents a vast resource for new medicines to combat major diseases such as cancer, AIDS or malaria. Research typically focuses on sessile organisms or slow moving animals because of their inherent need for chemical defenses. Standard research involves an extraction of the organism in a suitable solvent followed by either an assay of this crude extract for a particular disease target or a rationally guided isolation of new chemical compounds using standard chromatography techniques.

Moreover, it is likely that for every compound that does make it to the market, a better drug with distinct Medicinal chemistry, improved bioavailability and less unwanted side effects can be found either in chemical libraries or among the much larger number and diversity of natural products.

In recent years, marine natural product bioprospecting has yielded a considerable number of drug candidates. Most of these molecules are still in preclinical or early clinical development but some are already on the market, such as cytarabine, or are predicted to be approved soon, such as ET743 (YondelisTM). Research into the ecology of marine natural products has shown that many of these compounds function as chemical weapons and have evolved into highly potent inhibitors of physiological processes in the prey, predators or competitors of the marine organisms that use them. Some of the natural products isolated from Medicinal Plants have been shown to be, or are suspected to be, of microbial origin and this is now thought to be the case for the majority of such molecules. Marine microorganisms, whose immense genetic and biochemical diversity is only beginning to be appreciated, look likely to become a rich source of novel chemical entities for the discovery of more effective drugs.

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