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Huge Indoor Plant Warehouse Sale - Rare Plant Party - Melbourne

Huge Indoor Plant Warehouse Sale - Rare Plant Party - Melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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Huge Indoor Plant Warehouse Sale - Rare Plant Party - Melbourne
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19-01-2019 to 20-01-2019
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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Jungle Collective
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Jungle Collective
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Jungle Collective
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Non Technical
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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

We're returning in 2019 and we are going to make it a BANGER you won't forget! The focus for this sale is to bring you as many rare plants as we can find! 

Dress up- Wear a Jungle print for $5 off! 

If you can't make it on Saturday. Don't worry, we've launched Jungle Sunday for this weekend from 5-6pm. This sale will be stock left over from Saturday and we often discount plants so they get re-homed. It's a much more intimate experience! 

RSVP here-

We will have all your Indoor favourites and some rarer plants too. Comment below if you are looking for anything in particular. 

The sale is located in our Bohemian style warehouse in Abbotsford (not normally open to public). 

As we get closer to our Rare Plant Party we will be sharing with you what plants we get our hot little hands on! Previously we have had over 60 different species including Fiddle Leafs, Monstera, Giant Birds of Paradise, Pilea's, Rubber Figs, lots of ferns, Hanging plants, Bangalow palms and lots more. You won't be disappointed! 

On the Day:
- Enjoy hundreds of Indoor plants to choose from.
- Chat to our on-site horticulturist who will have a dedicated desk and be available to answer your questions.
- Designer Pots 
- Enjoy the Jungle tunes and vibes. 
- EFTPOS available on the day. 
- There is parking available including a parking lot and street parking. 

Please note no tickets are required for our Melbourne sale. 

Please help share the word of The Jungle Collective and invite any friends that you think might be interested in coming along. Feel free to follow us on Facebook for style and Inspo updates! - The Jungle Collective

Please note we will have a limited number of boxes and you may want to bring your own to be on the safe side.

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The Jungle Collective 19 Studley St, Abbotsford, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3067  Pin/Zip Code : 3067