Training Course on Data Collection Tools Design and Mobile Phone Based Data Collection using ODK

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  • TypeTraining or Development Class
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  • Location Juba, South Sudan, South Africa
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  • Date 11-11-2024 - 15-11-2024
Training or Development Class Title
Training Course on Data Collection Tools Design and Mobile Phone Based Data Collection using ODK
Event Type
Training or Development Class
Training or Development Class Date
11-11-2024 to 15-11-2024
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Juba, South Sudan, South Africa
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Altum Training and Research Institute
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Altum Training and Research Institute
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Both (Technical & Non Technical)
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Business Development

Juba, South Sudan, South Africa

Training Course on Data Collection Tools Design and Mobile Phone Based Data Collection using ODK

Location: Jba , South Sudan



15 - 19, Jul 2024

11 - 15, Nov 2024


About the Course

Due to advancement of information technology in modern days, most research relies on mobile phones, tablets and computers for collecting data. This has greatly enhanced the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) processes of most organizations. Mobile data collection is the gathering of research data through mobile phones (or related devices such as tablets) instead of collecting data using a paper and a pen. Open Data Kit (ODK) is a suite of tools that allows data collection using Android mobile devices and data submission to an online server. This training on data collection tools design using ODK will equip the participants with skills to author data collection tools (such as questionnaires) and collect and manage raw data using ODK platform.

Target Participants

This training course is ideal for researchers and data handling professionals such as M&E staff. The training is also suitable for any person who is preparing to be good at research activities such as field data collection.

What you Will Learn

By the end of the course the learner should be able to:

  • Create survey forms using Build or XLSForms
  • Set up ODK Build, Collect and Aggregate
  • Upload forms to an Aggregate server
  • Load forms into Collect on an Android device
  • Use ODK Collect to fill out forms with field participants
  • Upload survey data from Collect to Aggregate
  • Export and analyse data from Aggregate

Course Duration

5 days

Course Outline

Introduction to Mobile Data Collection

  • Introduction to mobile phone-based data collection
  • Advantages of mobile phone-based data collection
  • Common mobile phone-based data collection platforms
  • Data aggregation, storage, and dissemination
  • Common question types in data collection tools

Introduction to Open Data Kit (ODK)

  • Components of Open Data Kit (ODK)
  • ODK forms
  • ODK Collect application interface
  • ODK Aggregate
  • ODK Manage
  • ODK platforms and formats

Setting up ODK Collect

  • ODK Collect installation from google play
  • Manual installation of ODK
  • ODK Collect menus, settings and security
  • Best practices for ODK Collect

ODK Aggregate Server

  • Setting up own aggregate server using Google App Engine
  • Configuring ODK Aggregate server
  • Setting up local server
  • Uploading the form to aggregate server
  • Managing forms in Aggregate
  • Working with submitted data in aggregate
  • Administering aggregate

Designing and Creating Forms using ODK Build

  • Using ODK build
  • Designing forms directly on ODK Build, Koboform builder, PurcForms, etc
  • Uploading forms to aggregate
  • Form properties

Designing and Creating form using XLS form

  • Introduction to XLSForm
  • Components of XLSForm
  • Question types
  • Form logic, styling, language
  • Form operators and functions
  • Constraints and skips
  • Form validation
  • Uploading form to aggregate server

Using ODK Collect for field data collection

  • Filling forms in ODK Collect
  • Managing forms in ODK Collect
  • Collecting different types of data
  • Advanced use and best practices
  • Submitting data to ODK aggregate

Data Management

  • Exporting data from ODK Aggregate as CSV
  • Downloading data in different formats
  • Formatting data for further analysis using statistical applications
  • Outputting data through Google spreadsheet

Visualizing Geographic Data

  • Exporting GPS Coordinates to Google maps
  • Exporting GPS data for mapping/visualizing
  • Visualizing GIS data using ArcGIS or QGIS








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800 USD
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Altum Training and Research Institute

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Altum Training and Research Institute

James Hotel, Juba, South Sudan

[email protected]