Tommy McLain + CC Adcock at The Lexington - London - PRB Presents

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  • Location London, England, United Kingdom
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  • Date 02-12-2022
Tommy McLain + CC Adcock at The Lexington - London - PRB Presents, London, England, United Kingdom
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Tommy McLain + CC Adcock at The Lexington - London - PRB Presents
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London, England, United Kingdom
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PRB Presents
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PRB Presents
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London, England, United Kingdom

Swamp-pop legend TOMMY McLAIN and blues-rock singer songwriter CC ADCOCK - "I Ran Down Every (Sweet) Dream" UK Record Release Event plus special guests.

19:30 // £20 adv. //

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The Greatest Show on Hurt -

I Hope -

Remembrance of "I Hope"By Tommy McLain

"It was in the early 70's and I was playing regularly at the Star Mist Club down in Abbeville, Louisiana. Legendary songwriter Bobby Charles is from there and he came out to catch my show one night. I remember that he even sat in, which was a rarity, because Bobby was kind of insecure about his voice. After the gig we drove back to Bobby's house, a little fish camp shack a few miles out of town down by the Vermillion Bayou, because he said Bob Dylan was passing through the area and was going to stop by. Sure enough, a big Silver Eagle tour bus pulled up sometime after midnight. I remember it was funny because some of those dudes who were travelling with Dylan were from up north and they thought the chickens that Bobby had around his house were ducks! Bobby went up on the bus but I didn't go, so I never met him. Dylan didn't come out and into the house party because, so said, he was freaked out due to someone having tried to kidnap one of his children the night before in Dallas. Dylan didn't stick around too long, but the party kept on even after the bus drove off. Lemme tell y'all, we were smokin' and drinkin' and carryin' on! We was rock n' rollers back in those days, baby!

Right before dawn, as the party was winding down, Bobby sat at the piano and told me he had a song for me. Bobby couldn't hardly play piano, but he'd use two fingers to peck out parts of the chords and a progression. He sang me "I Hope". He said it had been written for me. I was so blown away by the tune that I left almost immediately and drove straight home with it in my head and singing it to myself the whole way, hoping not to lose it. In fact, after that Bobby and I remained good friends and we'd talk on the phone often, but I made a point of not hanging out with him too much. He was such a genius writer, and I was afraid that his style might start to rub off on me and I didn't want to mimic his thing. I've always kept the song "I Hope" in my hip pocket. I've played it live from time to time over the years, and it was actually at a Bobby Charles tribute show, after Bobby had passed a few years back, that Elvis Costello heard me sing it. He went and cut it the very next week! It's a beautiful song, but I wanted to wait until I felt the timing was right in my life and career, for me to finally record it.. That time is now. To me, the song is a great prayer".

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Artists: Tommy McLain, C.C. Adcock

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