Shamanic Practitioner Training ~ ONLINE + IN PERSON

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  • Date 02-09-2023
Shamanic Practitioner Training ~ ONLINE + IN PERSON, Online Event
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Shamanic Practitioner Training ~ ONLINE + IN PERSON
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Online Event
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Victoria Vives Khuong
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Non Technical
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Online Event

This powerful healing training includes:

* Lifetime access to the online program
* Lifetime access to all the livestreams of this class.
* Access to one IN PERSON class
* Access to our Facebook community

This Advanced Shamanic Training will take place in 2 segments one IN PERSON with distancing and one through LIVESTREAM.

Since time immemorial, our Ancestors lived in connection with the forces of Mother Earth and the forces of the Cosmos, in a harmonious balance. They recognized themselves as part of nature and never separated from it. Through Shamanic techniques, we will reconnect with these powerful forces to bring Healing to ourselves, our loved ones and the Earth at large.

* Celebrate the Earth, Water Fire and Air ceremonies.
* Experience the Shamanic Journey, the method of direct revelation.
* Balance the energy of the 4 Elements, Mother earth and the Cosmos within you and channel their energy.
* Connect with your Spirit Guides and Ancestors so that they help you in your path.
* Enjoy harmony, strength and healing from our community for you and the planet.
* Participate in the process of transfiguration with Light and Sound to bring in depth healing.
* And much more!

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