Sabir Kahn and Mark Deutsch play on the Inverness Ridge

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  • Location Inverness, California, United States
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  • Date 26-05-2023
Sabir Kahn and Mark Deutsch play on the Inverness Ridge, Inverness, California, United States
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Sabir Kahn and Mark Deutsch play on the Inverness Ridge
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Inverness, California, United States
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Every Blue Moon Concerts
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Every Blue Moon Concerts
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Inverness, California, United States

Sabir Kahn is a virtuoso Sarangi player who comes from eight generations of master Sarangi players. Sabir's improvisations are imbued with sustaining melodic and rhythmic skills framed by the raga form and interpreted in vibrant play by which he renders the "hundred colors" of the sarangi, the sublime and most demanding of instruments. Sabir has opened an exciting new phase for North Indian music and the Rajasthani folk compositions that he inherited from his forefathers.

A professional musician since the age of twelve, Mark is a visionary artist with a background in nonlinear mathematics, sacred systems, and cosmology. As a classically trained bassist and sitar player, he gained extensive experience in orchestral and world music ensembles, jazz combos, and solo sitar performance. While studying North Indian classical music with the legendary sitar and surbahar master Ustad Imrat Khan (younger brother of Ustad Vilayat Khan), Mark began delving deeper into the universal fundamentals of music and its underlying frequency structures. This in turn led him to his quest to develop an instrument that could reproduce his findings. This work culminated in 1999 with Mark being awarded a US patent for his groundbreaking new instrument: Bazantar - a six-string acoustic bass fitted with an additional twenty-nine sympathetic strings and four drone strings. The result is a remarkable instrument that weaves a mesmerizing soundscape of resonance, and evokes all the power of Western classical music with the depth and nuance of Eastern traditions. Read about this incredible invention on

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