Leading Functional Work Teams – Overcoming Dysfunctions !

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  • Date 02-02-2023
Leading Functional Work Teams – Overcoming Dysfunctions !, Online Event
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Leading Functional Work Teams – Overcoming Dysfunctions !
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Have you ever been on, or led a team, that dragged you down. Where the team produced less as a whole than the individual members could have produced working on their own.

Ever been on, or led a team, where the team was able to produce more as a team than the individual members could achieve on their own? You can leave team functioning to develop by accident, or you can be intentional about it.

Whether you are a formal leader on a team or a member of that team, you can use the model developed by top selling author Patrick Lencioni in his book The Five Dysfunctions of Teams to make your team function at a higher level and be a better place to work. Even teams that are functioning at a high level now can improve.

This is a "How-to webinar" – you will come away with not only new information but also ideas for implementation.


You know what it feels like to be on a great team. There's trust, collaboration, caring, and incredible energy. You want to go to work every day. On the other hand, you also know what it feels like to be on a dysfunctional team. It's exhausting. You feel like you're swimming against an incoming tide all the time.
On some teams the failures are painfully obvious. On others they are nuanced and not easily identifiable. In either case, you need to know the specific steps to transform a dysfunctional team into a high-functioning, collaborative, and supportive team.

This webinar is for you if:

  • You’re frustrated and exhausted with some of the dysfunction on your team
  • You lead, manage or are on a team or work group
  • Want to be on a high-performing, high functioning team
  • You want to have fun and feel fulfilled by working collaboratively with others on your team
  • You spend way too much time thinking about how to deal with gossip, lack of accountability, hidden agendas and destructive conflict
  • You want specific practical tips, tools, techniques, tactics and strategies to effectively deal with the most difficult people in your life


By attending this webinar participants will learn how to diagnose the 5 primary reasons teams fail. You’ll learn the corrective actions for each of those reasons. Learn the hierarchy - what has to come first to build a foundation. If a solid foundation is not in place, nothing else you do will work.


  • The 5 critical factors in the failure of teams
  • A scorecard to diagnose a team's health
  • Why focusing on productivity, quality or customer service can be a problem if one indispensable factor is missing
  • How to eliminate unhealthy gossip
  • How to transform conflict from destructive to productive
  • Get everyone of the team on the same page
  • A proven model to build team cohesion and accountability


  • CEO, COO
  • HR Professionals
  • People Managers
  • Team Leaders, Directors
  • Managers, Supervisors
  • Business Owners, Business Consultants
  • Management Team, Department Managers
  • Anyone who works with people that impact their ability to perform at work to the best of their capability

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You’ll leave this webinar with a new perspective on what makes teams dysfunctional and the specific steps to take to begin to make them more functional.

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