Ionne: The Fracture Excital

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  • Location New Haven, Connecticut, United States
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  • Date 02-03-2023
Ionne: The Fracture Excital, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
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Ionne: The Fracture Excital
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New Haven, Connecticut, United States
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5015 Records
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5015 Records
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New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Some artists get you to move. Others get you to think. Ionne does both with finesse. THE FRACTURE EXCITAL is a combination art exhibition and music recital based on Fracture, the latest album from visionary electronica artist Ionne. The musical event includes a live performance of songs from the album and a display of photography by The Collective NHV made during the album's production and inspired by the music. In Ionne's hands, electronic music "is elevated to the level of 'serious music' that espouses important messages" (CT Post). Ionne's work not only "catches the ear and the feet, but finds its way to the heart and the mind" (New Haven Independent). With hints of rock, EDM, indie electronic and dark pop, the signature single "The Last Time," like so much of Ionne's work is hard to classify. But... "In the end it doesn't really matter if the song is just really good!" (Electrozombies) Come experience it for yourself...and bring your friends!

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Artist: Ionne

Category: Arts | Performing Arts | Music

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Price: General Admission: USD 10.00

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