Filing W-2 and the New Years Changes: Ensure Accurate Filing in 2023 to avoid Penalty

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Filing W-2 and the New Years Changes: Ensure Accurate Filing in 2023 to avoid Penalty, Online Event
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Filing W-2 and the New Years Changes: Ensure Accurate Filing in 2023 to avoid Penalty
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Online Event
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Dayna J Reum
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IRS has an updated Form W-2 with key changes payroll professionals and employers need to know for timely and accurate filing. You must furnish Copies B, C, and 2 of Form W-2 to your employees by January 31, 2023.

If you believe you will miss the deadline, you can request a 30-day extension from IRS. However, the extension is not automatic and will only be granted in "extraordinary circumstances or disaster."

This important, 60-minute program will provide the seasoned professional with information on new legislation that needs to be addressed. We’ll also assist those new to filing Form W-2 with a box-by-box look at what must be reported and how.  

Join the webinar to discover:

  • An in-depth look at the new W-2 reporting deadlines for 2022
  • Updates to how employers electronically report the W-2 forms
  • Reporting of FFCRA qualified leave and extension of credits in 2022
  • Latest SSN truncation rules from the IRS for Form W-2s


January 31st is the deadline to file W-2 using Business Services Online or to submit paper Form W-2.  It’s important for the employers to send W-2s to their employees and file them to SSA before the W-2 deadline otherwise heavy penalties for late submissions or wrong information will be imposed.

The penalties range from $50-$580 per missed W-2 tax form, depending on how late the forms were submitted. 

This webinar will equip you with everything you need to know in order to accurately file the Form W-2 for 2022. We’ll answer your most pressing questions about year-end filing, walk you through rule changes, and review pertinent IRS updates.


This program will go through:

  • Updated legislation impacting the new Form W-2
  • How to report FFCRA leave on the W-2 in 2022
  • Understanding the changes to Social Security taxation
  • W-2 requirements for 2022 reporting
  • Form W-2 box by box review
  • Understanding the Form W-2 codes
  • State by state discussion of special W-2 considerations
  • Year-end and W-2 best practices to ensure compliance
  • How to complete an audit of the Form W-2 before releasing to your employees
  • Validating totals between the 941 and the W-3/W-2

The webinar will also address key questions employers are asking such as:

  • How do I avoid getting a notice from the IRS?
  • How do I make sure I have zero to very little W-2C?
  • When do I use codes in Box 12 and are they required?
  • How do we handle the SSN Truncation in states for 2022 on the W-2?
  • How do I Properly report the Sick and Family leave credits due to COVID-19 on the Form W-2


  • CEOs, Company / Business Owner
  • Accounting professionals who are involved in the processing of Form W-2
  • Payroll Supervisors and Personnel
  • Payroll Consultants, Payroll Service Providers
  • Public Accountants, Internal Auditors
  • Tax Compliance Officers, Tax Attorney, Tax Managers
  • CPA (Industry), CPA - Mid Size Firm, CPA - Small Firm, 
  • Enrolled Agents, Compensation Professionals, Employee Benefits Administrators
  • Officers and Managers with Payroll or Tax Compliance Oversight
  • HR Personnel, Team Leaders, Senior HR Professionals, HR Managers & Directors,
  • Public Agency Managers, Audit and Compliance Personnel / Risk Managers
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